Dec 13, 2013


In this week's episode Queenie pays for her betrayal, Delia and Kyle have their natural human abilities restored and the witch-hunting corporation is introduced.

It begins with another flashback, this time to Hank's miserable childhood. His father took him for his (Hank's) first witch hunt, and like in any other movie about kids trying to shoot their first animal, Hank cannot go through with it. In the end, father shoots the witch, but gets his hand burnt by some magic fire. (Was it the reason Hank could not resist shooting the red-head? Unfinished Gestalt and all.)

Back to the modern day, Hank visits his dad, who's now the CEO of a witch-hunting corporation. This season fathers don't seem to treat their children better than mothers, so instead of approval for the taken initiative, Hank is getting yelled at. Why would he go to Marie? Why would he kill that witch in a motel room he paid for with his own Credit Card? His job was to stay with Delia (whom the corporation people blinded to make her depend on her husband) and spy.

Fiona and LaLaurie's talking head pay another visit to Marie (oh, I loved how they shot Delphine's headless body shooing flies) and miss Goode tries to convince the voodoo witch to join the clans to fight the hunters. Marie thinks she's the one who organized the attack, so she refuses. Fiona leaves, Queenie is told to burn Delphine's head, but instead she places it in her room and makes her watch Roots.

Myrtle finds a way to return sight to Cordelia. She invites her former Council colleagues, feeds them with something causing paralysis, scoops one eye from each with the melon baller and gives those eyes to Delia. Unfortunately, this causes Delia to lose her magic visions, so when Hank hugs her in his attempt to come back home, she doesn't know he's a hunter. She kicks him out anyway.

Joan sits by his son's bed, but after she learns through Nan that he knows she killed her husband (God told Luke she put some bees into his father's car and he died from anaphylactic shock), she murders him with a pillow.

The young witches return home and see Fiona playing cards with Kyle (and he's winning!). He also seems to be able to talk normally. Fiona found him and decided to turn him into a guard dog.

Marie practices some voodoo magic on Hank to force him attack the Robichaux, instead he comes to her hair salon and shoots everyone. Wounded Queenie proves Fiona's statement earlier in the show that the female is aggressive and loyal. She protects Marie by blowing her own brains out and because she's a living voodoo doll, this kills Hank. His father's mourning the loss in his fancy office.

It ends with Marie at the doors of the academy, clearly wanting to accept Fiona's offer to join their forces.

To be honest, this seemed like a weak episode to me, especially considering it's a winter cliffhanger. The shooting scene was the strongest part, Oh, Freedom made it quite emotional. Myrtle's lines were pretty cool and Delphine's situation was a little funny, but other than that... The flashback sucked, the corporation stuff SUCKED, all the scenes in the hospital were boring. And Kyle killed the dog! Somehow I'm fine watching him bashing his mother's head, but I started hating him when he crashed the dog :(

Dec 6, 2013


In this week's episode Queenie gets more involved with Voodoo magic, Delia tries to push Fiona to the grave, and Nan is rescued from a silver bullet.

Shockingly, it doesn't open with a flashback as usual. Somewhere under the bridge Queenie kills a homeless rapist and rips his beating "dark heart" out in front of Zoe and Madison, who came to call her back to the coven. She refuses to leave Marie and tells the witches they'll lose the war to Voodoo clan. Well, game on!

Cordelia, admirably bitchy (and looking fantastic with the cane), declares that Queenie's dead to her and starts planning her mother's orchestrated suicide (Orestes and Clytemnestra story echoes throughout this season a lot). She's interrupted by Misty and Myrtle, who managed to survive Hank's attack and now seek protection. Myrtle thinks Misty is the new Supreme, 'cause she's brought more people back than Jesus Christ. Other young witches seem quite hurt by this assumption, but they still secretly hope she's wrong.

The witches hold a Sacred Taking ritual, which was the easy part. Now they have to convince the selfish bitch (who's still planning to kill the next Supreme once she establishes who that is) to take some extra sleeping pills this night. Madison appears in her room in the red dress and announces that she, the new Supreme, resurrected herself, so now Fiona has two options: to be burnt on a stake or leave fashionably, like Norma Jean. Then Myrtle pushes the dying witch even further, by convincing her the Axeman won't stay with her till the end, so Fiona puts on some makeup and a fur coat, lies down and takes the pills. 

But as Myrtle leaves, the dead Spalding appears and reveals Delia's cunning plan details. Madison is not the Supreme, they think it's a swamp witch. Now let's cleanse you from those pills and plan your vengeance!

Talking about cleansing, Luke had to undergo a process of purification, carefully carried out by his mom (take off your pants!). She locks him in the closet, but Nan finds him and they attempt to run away like boyfriend and girlfriend. Joan stops them at the door, but before she could do anything creepy, Hank puts a couple of bullets into her chest. Luke saves Nan from the third shot and gets hit, she goes with him to the hospital.

Fiona disappoints everyone by not dying and takes great interest in Misty. She dares the swamp witch to use her gift of resurgence on Joan, and so she does. Delia finds the silver bullet on the pavement and figures there's a witch hunter out there. Zoe is very stressed by this news but finds comfort with Kyle, who tells her he loves her. Oh, and she loves him back! Madison overhears this and seems clearly jealous and upset.

Next morning Delia and her mother have a coffee together, and Fiona sort of openly admires her daughter for what she did. Cordelia says she's glad her plan did not work out, 'cause now the coven needs Fiona more than ever. Their conversation is interrupted by the delivery of Delphine's talking head. Tam-tam-tam!!! 

As always, so many things happened, yet the story has not really progressed that much. There are only five episodes left and I hope it all makes sense in the end.