Oct 10, 2014


Well. If that were the first season of a random show, I would not have continued watching it after the premiere. The beginning of American Horror Story: Freakshow was horrible and not in the "scary movie" sense.

Good things:

  • Pepper's back;
  • It is stylish;
... is that it?

Bad things:

  • Except for Dot (not the other head) and the women played by Frances Conroy and Kathy Bates, the characters don't seem to suit the actors that impersonate them. That is especially true for Evan Peters and sadly Jessica Lange. I just can't believe them.
  • There is singing;
  • The clown is not scary but disturbing;
  • The lines are mostly LAME;

The big issue of the season has been covered numerous times before, by e.g  the X Men along with some of the previous seasons of AHS itself. Being stuck with someone who's dramatically different than yourself and having no way to escape this bound is a more interesting topic, but it's too early to say if that can work.