Oct 18, 2015


Finally had a chance to catch up on the new American Horror Story season. Basically, there's not much to say, except for the fact that Murphy started quoting himself - there are so many references to the first season, that it's sort of starting to resemble a dream (or rather a trip, I should say) one would have after binge-watching Murder House and Lady Gaga concerts. Rape by a strange rubber man- like creature - check, a place where the dead live and can't leave - check, mother-letting-go-of her-son-issue - check, horrible first owner of the building - check. Not to mention a ginger maid, raw kidneys for food and kids (the new owner's son and the policeman's daughter), who look a lot like Tate and Zoe. Like I said, there are so many references, and I can't possibly name them all. So I'm kind of curious how this will play out.  

Not impressed with Lady Gaga, who is surprisingly shy - always covered in all strategic places. And I think Peters will be buried by the role he has this time. Paulson is seemingly trying to play Jessica Lange (good luck), which looks like her only task, because her character is pretty much useless. Finn Wittrock was the only one with worthy performance last season, so I am glad to see him again, but we'll see how it goes.