Nov 22, 2013


In this week's episode Kyle regains limited cognitive functions, Fiona dives into her love affair with the ghost-murderer and Queenie betrays the coven.

It starts with a flashback to Kyle's recent past, and we hear how he explains to his frat brothers why he wouldn't get any tattoos. Apparently, he wanted to become an engineer (bla-bla, Katrina, bla-bla, tattoos ruin image) and planned not to waste his life. Wanna make God laugh, huh. Now the improved version of Kyle checks "his" limbs and sees the stupid pictures his mates put on themselves that day and begins to comprehend something. Then Zoe comes in, planning to put him back to sleep, and sees his suffering. He takes her gun, but as he tries to blow his brains out, she stops him: she's still not ready to let him go. Instead, she tries to teach him how to speak.

Madison wonders around the house and tries to feel something, so she drinks, takes pills, burns her palms and eats like a pig. Since she consumed all the food, Queenie and LaLaurie go out for some burgers (for a person who lives with witches, Delphine seems too shocked by the drive-in mic box is talking to her). During this meal, LaLaurie tells Queenie that other witches will never fully accept her 'cause she's black.

Cordelia discovers Madison and as she touches her, she sees who slit the girl's throat. She then tells Zoe that she could be Fiona's next victim, so they have to kill her first (..."kill her once, kill her good, kill her dead").

Madison seduces Kyle (you're dead, I'm dead, let's waist no time), and Zoe walks in on them, of course. Later all of them have a threesome.

The Axeman invites Fiona to the house of some unfortunate fellow he murdered and hid in the bath tub. She spends a night with him and then tells him she knows about the body. He replies he knows everything about her, 'cause he watched her grow (old). She doesn't believe in ghosts but he shares some details. She runs away, upset, but then comes back to him.

Queenie visits Laveau, where she's offered to join the voodoo clan if she brings LaLaurie. Queenie asks Delphine about the worst thing she's ever done. Madame racist confesses she once turned her husbands and her black maid's bastard baby into a skin serum, so Queenie takes her to Marie's hair salon.

Zoe reunites Spalding with his enchanted tongue and asks who murdered Madison. "FFFFFFFFFFFFiona", he says and she kills him.

Hank's drinking in a motel room, surrounded by guns. He surely misses his wife and plans to pay a visit.

Nov 15, 2013


In this week's episode it is once again confirmed that dying cannot keep AHS characters from being alive, whether there is a decent body to put a soul to or not.

In 1919 witches-suffragettes of Robichaux discuss the Axeman's letter, where he warns the New Orleans that he's going to kill, but will spare everyone who'd have a jazz band playing that night. The girls decide to confront him and play the music that they like instead, and when the Axeman appears they stab him numerous times.

In our time Zoe's looking through Madison's stuff and finds a bunch of old pictures and the Ouija board. She convinces Nan and Queenie to put the board to use to find out what happened to the teen sensation. They manage to get in contact with a spirit who's willing to answer their questions, but it's not Madison, it's the Axeman! This is too much for Queenie, so she ends the séance before they get to know anything. Later Zoe calls the spirit on her own and promises to release him, if he says where Madison is. "Attic..." he replies, and we know he's not lying.

Fiona has a chemo treatment and hears the thoughts of other patients, which is a new gift for her. She's miserable and craving for one last love affair.

Cordelia and Hank enter the room Fiona prepared for her daughter's return from hospital. Hank is trying to help his wife, but as soon as he touches her, she sees the images with him and the redhead again and demands that he tells her the truth now, because sooner or later, she'll see it anyway. He doesn't, so she asks him to leave. At first Fiona's happy that Delia finally sees Hank for who he is, but she's no saint herself: the moment she touches her daughter, Cordelia sees Myrtle burn and gets upset. Fiona wisely leaves before more information has leaked.

The young witches find rotting Madison in the box and interrogate Spalding. He lies to Nan saying (or thinking, rather) that he killed the girl for sex. Zoe doesn't quite believe him, so she brings the corpse to Misty, who's dealing with Kyle's meltdown in her hut. Madison is resurrected, but does no remember what killed her. The afterlife wasn't pleasant for her, according to Madison, it's just black forever (sounds promising).

Hank pays a visit to Marie: turns out she's hired him to kill the white witches (so much for the pact) and he's already killed nine, the redhead was a witch too. Now she demands that he brings her the heads of everyone at the academy or else. Oh, and she claims the acid wasn't hers.

Cordelia wants to lie down but the Axeman appears and starts chasing her around the room with his weapon (hello, Lana Winters). The girls hear Delia's screams and after failing to get inside, read a spell to release the spirit. The Axeman leaves the academy and comes to the bar where he meets Fiona.

I can only say that with this whole Axeman release story, the first season, Murder House, makes a lot more sense.

Nov 8, 2013


So American Horror Story was renewed for season 4 and no one knows what it's gonna be about. But Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett agreed to return.

This week's episode was about horrible mothers: Fiona and Delphine. It starts with a flashback to LaLaurie's Halloween party where she scares a potential fiancee for one of her daughters, Borquita, by making him touch human intestines and eyeballs floating in the blood. When alone, three sisters lament their impossible marriages with a mother like that and consider killing her. They pay for this conversation by spending a year in cages next to tortured slaves.

In our time, Laveau's army of darkness surrounded the academy. Zoe closes windows and doors, but Luke thinks it's all a joke and goes out to shoo a bunch of "neighborhood kids" away. However, when zombies eat a couple of passers-by after levitating Marie commands them to attack, he realizes he was wrong, but it's too late: one of the undead hits him with an axe. Nan rushes to help him and takes him to the car, which, as it turns out, is not zombie-proof. Zoe saves the couple by making the undead follow her instead. She finds a chainsaw and puts it to work, turning zombies into piles of body parts. She destroys all but one, and of course her weapon stops working, but she manages to turn the last Laveau's soldier back to dead with the help of magic. After voodoo witch falls to the floor, she says there's some real power in the academy now.

LaLaurie, full of remorse, lets Borquita in and tries to talk to her. But her daughter decides to implement her earlier plan and lifts her mother off the floor holding her by throat. Queenie sends Spalding to check if Delphine is OK. As he leaves, she hears the noise and comes out to check it. Turns out Borquita knocked out the butler and now is interested in getting to Queenie. The living voodoo doll tries her magic, but it doesn't help. Luckily, LaLaurie comes in time and stabs the zombie with a fire iron.

Meanwhile, Cordelia is unconscious and permanently blind. Fiona is wondering around the hospital under the influence of drugs and brings a stillborn girl back to life. Like Delphine, she clearly regrets being a lousy mother. When Delia's husband arrives, she has an argument with him so loud a nurse had to interrupt: she tells him she begged her daughter not to marry him, he says Cordelia hates her, you know, the usual in-laws' conversation. After left alone with his wife, Hank takes her by hand and says it doesn't matter what they've done to her, he loves her and will stay. As he touches her, she wakes up seeing what he's done to the ginger girl.

The Council arrives to make Fiona step down as the Supreme. She turns the tables by accusing Myrtle in throwing acid in Cordelia's face and killing Madison. To prove it, she takes Myrtle's red glove off and reveals the damage from acid on her hand. The Council sentences Myrtle to be burnt and they actually carry it out.

Queenie comes to Fiona and says she couldn't live knowing she's framed an innocent. Turns out she used her magic on Myrtle: when Fiona took her glove off, Queenie put her own hand to the acid to give Myrtle the scars. Fiona convinces Queenie to keep quite and promised her possible supremacy if she obeys.

Spalding tries to take decaying Madison out of the box and rips her hand off. Misty finds the remains of the burnt witch and resurrects her.

I guess no one really dies this season.

Nov 1, 2013


If the episode before was the worst of all, this one was the funniest. I like the show's traditional Halloween two-parters, they are always very special. The male characters have started to speak and reveal their personalities, but boy, I wish they didn't. As always, men are not very pleasant people in AHS (not that the same does not apply to real life, though).

It begins with the violent death of a black teenager, the son of Marie Laveau's friend and co-worker, back in 1961. Marie raises some voodoo zombies, who then kill the boy's murderers.

In our days Fiona finds bleeding Queenie and the bullman in Cordelia's apothecary room. Queenie is very weak, but Fiona and Delia bring her back to life. There is no time to take a deep breath though, as the Council, consisting of one bitchy gay writer, one diva and one clerk-looking woman, is summoned at the doors of the academy. Delia panics and tells them about Queenie's assault and her visit to Laveau, but it's not why they are here. Nan cannot hear Madison's thoughts any longer, and she assumes the girl's dead.

Kyle luckily escapes being poisoned by Zoe, fortunately, it's Halloween, so no one would pay attention to the guy covered in his mother's blood. Marie receives a parcel: the Minotaur's head, still blinking. She wants revenge and prepares to raise zombies again.

Fiona's son-in-law is out of town in a hotel. A girl  he found in a chatroom (Alexandra Breckenridge) pays him a visit, they have sex and then he kills her.

The Council begins interrogations, and it becomes clear that for Myrtle Snow, the Council diva, it is personal: she wants to bring Fiona down, and accuses her of killing Masdison. The story goes back to the day when Fiona was appointed the new Supreme. Myrtle somehow knew who killed Anna Leigh, and she enchanted Spalding's tongue, so he could not keep the truth when asked. Unfortunately, she did not have a gift of foreseeing future: Spalding's tongue was cut off and he could not say a thing. Now, after all these years Myrtle's asking the butler to write down the name of the witch responsible for his everlasting silence, and he writes down her own name. Turns out Fiona had nothing to do with his mutilation: he did it himself to protect her 'cause he loved her. Moreover, Cordelia says Madison wasn't the Supreme, so her mother had no motive killing her. The Supreme must be healthy, whereas Madison had a heart issue. Both Myrtle and Fiona are shocked by this.

Fiona and Delia go out for a drink and then the latter gets acid in her face from a person covered in black clothes. Spalding goes to his room full of dolls and chooses a dress for the latest piece in his collection: dead Madison. Delphine opens the school door to give candy to trick-or-treaters and sees three zombies, suspiciously resembling her daughters.

Two questions: didn't LaLaurie's daughters had too much tissue for the time they've been buried? And why didn't Nan tell Cordelia anything about her husband's thoughts? I'm sure she's heard them.