Nov 8, 2013


So American Horror Story was renewed for season 4 and no one knows what it's gonna be about. But Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett agreed to return.

This week's episode was about horrible mothers: Fiona and Delphine. It starts with a flashback to LaLaurie's Halloween party where she scares a potential fiancee for one of her daughters, Borquita, by making him touch human intestines and eyeballs floating in the blood. When alone, three sisters lament their impossible marriages with a mother like that and consider killing her. They pay for this conversation by spending a year in cages next to tortured slaves.

In our time, Laveau's army of darkness surrounded the academy. Zoe closes windows and doors, but Luke thinks it's all a joke and goes out to shoo a bunch of "neighborhood kids" away. However, when zombies eat a couple of passers-by after levitating Marie commands them to attack, he realizes he was wrong, but it's too late: one of the undead hits him with an axe. Nan rushes to help him and takes him to the car, which, as it turns out, is not zombie-proof. Zoe saves the couple by making the undead follow her instead. She finds a chainsaw and puts it to work, turning zombies into piles of body parts. She destroys all but one, and of course her weapon stops working, but she manages to turn the last Laveau's soldier back to dead with the help of magic. After voodoo witch falls to the floor, she says there's some real power in the academy now.

LaLaurie, full of remorse, lets Borquita in and tries to talk to her. But her daughter decides to implement her earlier plan and lifts her mother off the floor holding her by throat. Queenie sends Spalding to check if Delphine is OK. As he leaves, she hears the noise and comes out to check it. Turns out Borquita knocked out the butler and now is interested in getting to Queenie. The living voodoo doll tries her magic, but it doesn't help. Luckily, LaLaurie comes in time and stabs the zombie with a fire iron.

Meanwhile, Cordelia is unconscious and permanently blind. Fiona is wondering around the hospital under the influence of drugs and brings a stillborn girl back to life. Like Delphine, she clearly regrets being a lousy mother. When Delia's husband arrives, she has an argument with him so loud a nurse had to interrupt: she tells him she begged her daughter not to marry him, he says Cordelia hates her, you know, the usual in-laws' conversation. After left alone with his wife, Hank takes her by hand and says it doesn't matter what they've done to her, he loves her and will stay. As he touches her, she wakes up seeing what he's done to the ginger girl.

The Council arrives to make Fiona step down as the Supreme. She turns the tables by accusing Myrtle in throwing acid in Cordelia's face and killing Madison. To prove it, she takes Myrtle's red glove off and reveals the damage from acid on her hand. The Council sentences Myrtle to be burnt and they actually carry it out.

Queenie comes to Fiona and says she couldn't live knowing she's framed an innocent. Turns out she used her magic on Myrtle: when Fiona took her glove off, Queenie put her own hand to the acid to give Myrtle the scars. Fiona convinces Queenie to keep quite and promised her possible supremacy if she obeys.

Spalding tries to take decaying Madison out of the box and rips her hand off. Misty finds the remains of the burnt witch and resurrects her.

I guess no one really dies this season.

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