Nov 1, 2013


If the episode before was the worst of all, this one was the funniest. I like the show's traditional Halloween two-parters, they are always very special. The male characters have started to speak and reveal their personalities, but boy, I wish they didn't. As always, men are not very pleasant people in AHS (not that the same does not apply to real life, though).

It begins with the violent death of a black teenager, the son of Marie Laveau's friend and co-worker, back in 1961. Marie raises some voodoo zombies, who then kill the boy's murderers.

In our days Fiona finds bleeding Queenie and the bullman in Cordelia's apothecary room. Queenie is very weak, but Fiona and Delia bring her back to life. There is no time to take a deep breath though, as the Council, consisting of one bitchy gay writer, one diva and one clerk-looking woman, is summoned at the doors of the academy. Delia panics and tells them about Queenie's assault and her visit to Laveau, but it's not why they are here. Nan cannot hear Madison's thoughts any longer, and she assumes the girl's dead.

Kyle luckily escapes being poisoned by Zoe, fortunately, it's Halloween, so no one would pay attention to the guy covered in his mother's blood. Marie receives a parcel: the Minotaur's head, still blinking. She wants revenge and prepares to raise zombies again.

Fiona's son-in-law is out of town in a hotel. A girl  he found in a chatroom (Alexandra Breckenridge) pays him a visit, they have sex and then he kills her.

The Council begins interrogations, and it becomes clear that for Myrtle Snow, the Council diva, it is personal: she wants to bring Fiona down, and accuses her of killing Masdison. The story goes back to the day when Fiona was appointed the new Supreme. Myrtle somehow knew who killed Anna Leigh, and she enchanted Spalding's tongue, so he could not keep the truth when asked. Unfortunately, she did not have a gift of foreseeing future: Spalding's tongue was cut off and he could not say a thing. Now, after all these years Myrtle's asking the butler to write down the name of the witch responsible for his everlasting silence, and he writes down her own name. Turns out Fiona had nothing to do with his mutilation: he did it himself to protect her 'cause he loved her. Moreover, Cordelia says Madison wasn't the Supreme, so her mother had no motive killing her. The Supreme must be healthy, whereas Madison had a heart issue. Both Myrtle and Fiona are shocked by this.

Fiona and Delia go out for a drink and then the latter gets acid in her face from a person covered in black clothes. Spalding goes to his room full of dolls and chooses a dress for the latest piece in his collection: dead Madison. Delphine opens the school door to give candy to trick-or-treaters and sees three zombies, suspiciously resembling her daughters.

Two questions: didn't LaLaurie's daughters had too much tissue for the time they've been buried? And why didn't Nan tell Cordelia anything about her husband's thoughts? I'm sure she's heard them.

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