Nov 22, 2013


In this week's episode Kyle regains limited cognitive functions, Fiona dives into her love affair with the ghost-murderer and Queenie betrays the coven.

It starts with a flashback to Kyle's recent past, and we hear how he explains to his frat brothers why he wouldn't get any tattoos. Apparently, he wanted to become an engineer (bla-bla, Katrina, bla-bla, tattoos ruin image) and planned not to waste his life. Wanna make God laugh, huh. Now the improved version of Kyle checks "his" limbs and sees the stupid pictures his mates put on themselves that day and begins to comprehend something. Then Zoe comes in, planning to put him back to sleep, and sees his suffering. He takes her gun, but as he tries to blow his brains out, she stops him: she's still not ready to let him go. Instead, she tries to teach him how to speak.

Madison wonders around the house and tries to feel something, so she drinks, takes pills, burns her palms and eats like a pig. Since she consumed all the food, Queenie and LaLaurie go out for some burgers (for a person who lives with witches, Delphine seems too shocked by the drive-in mic box is talking to her). During this meal, LaLaurie tells Queenie that other witches will never fully accept her 'cause she's black.

Cordelia discovers Madison and as she touches her, she sees who slit the girl's throat. She then tells Zoe that she could be Fiona's next victim, so they have to kill her first (..."kill her once, kill her good, kill her dead").

Madison seduces Kyle (you're dead, I'm dead, let's waist no time), and Zoe walks in on them, of course. Later all of them have a threesome.

The Axeman invites Fiona to the house of some unfortunate fellow he murdered and hid in the bath tub. She spends a night with him and then tells him she knows about the body. He replies he knows everything about her, 'cause he watched her grow (old). She doesn't believe in ghosts but he shares some details. She runs away, upset, but then comes back to him.

Queenie visits Laveau, where she's offered to join the voodoo clan if she brings LaLaurie. Queenie asks Delphine about the worst thing she's ever done. Madame racist confesses she once turned her husbands and her black maid's bastard baby into a skin serum, so Queenie takes her to Marie's hair salon.

Zoe reunites Spalding with his enchanted tongue and asks who murdered Madison. "FFFFFFFFFFFFiona", he says and she kills him.

Hank's drinking in a motel room, surrounded by guns. He surely misses his wife and plans to pay a visit.

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