Nov 15, 2013


In this week's episode it is once again confirmed that dying cannot keep AHS characters from being alive, whether there is a decent body to put a soul to or not.

In 1919 witches-suffragettes of Robichaux discuss the Axeman's letter, where he warns the New Orleans that he's going to kill, but will spare everyone who'd have a jazz band playing that night. The girls decide to confront him and play the music that they like instead, and when the Axeman appears they stab him numerous times.

In our time Zoe's looking through Madison's stuff and finds a bunch of old pictures and the Ouija board. She convinces Nan and Queenie to put the board to use to find out what happened to the teen sensation. They manage to get in contact with a spirit who's willing to answer their questions, but it's not Madison, it's the Axeman! This is too much for Queenie, so she ends the séance before they get to know anything. Later Zoe calls the spirit on her own and promises to release him, if he says where Madison is. "Attic..." he replies, and we know he's not lying.

Fiona has a chemo treatment and hears the thoughts of other patients, which is a new gift for her. She's miserable and craving for one last love affair.

Cordelia and Hank enter the room Fiona prepared for her daughter's return from hospital. Hank is trying to help his wife, but as soon as he touches her, she sees the images with him and the redhead again and demands that he tells her the truth now, because sooner or later, she'll see it anyway. He doesn't, so she asks him to leave. At first Fiona's happy that Delia finally sees Hank for who he is, but she's no saint herself: the moment she touches her daughter, Cordelia sees Myrtle burn and gets upset. Fiona wisely leaves before more information has leaked.

The young witches find rotting Madison in the box and interrogate Spalding. He lies to Nan saying (or thinking, rather) that he killed the girl for sex. Zoe doesn't quite believe him, so she brings the corpse to Misty, who's dealing with Kyle's meltdown in her hut. Madison is resurrected, but does no remember what killed her. The afterlife wasn't pleasant for her, according to Madison, it's just black forever (sounds promising).

Hank pays a visit to Marie: turns out she's hired him to kill the white witches (so much for the pact) and he's already killed nine, the redhead was a witch too. Now she demands that he brings her the heads of everyone at the academy or else. Oh, and she claims the acid wasn't hers.

Cordelia wants to lie down but the Axeman appears and starts chasing her around the room with his weapon (hello, Lana Winters). The girls hear Delia's screams and after failing to get inside, read a spell to release the spirit. The Axeman leaves the academy and comes to the bar where he meets Fiona.

I can only say that with this whole Axeman release story, the first season, Murder House, makes a lot more sense.

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