Dec 1, 2012


I am a little sick today, so my judgement is compromised, please take this into consideration when reading this.

Anyways, I couldn't help feeling cheated after I watched "Dark Cousin". Now, even though there already is a devil this season, most of the horrible things the series portrayed so far were man-made, so the latest introduction of the Angel of Death (of Suicide?) felt a little over the top. I believe the only story Frances Conroy's new character brought something to was the one with Lana, whose spirit was so strong she did not want to die even after all she's been through.

So Grace is bleeding out and dying. The Angel of Death appears then and Grace says she is ready. Sadly, as the angel leans over to kiss her and put her out of her misery, one of the nuns brings the poor girl back to life. "You should have let me go", she says to her saviors.

Sister Mary Eunice interferes with Arden's gardening practice to tell him about Grace. She says because of sterilization, Grace is close to dying. Arden says he performed no such thing and that as the person in charge of the facility he demands to be talked to with respect. "You really think you're in charge?", she asks and gets slapped. She warns him if he touches her again, he dies. Arden wants to put that to the test and raise his hand to hit her again, but some force then throws him against the wall. The chain of command is clear. Dr. Arden then heals Grace, because he doesn't want to take the fall for her death.

One of the patients, Myles, a schizophrenic, is forced to cuts his hand with a ham slicer by the voice in his head. When Sister Mary comes to the kitchen, she sees a name in ancient Aramaic written on the wall with his blood. "Did you summon her?", she asks the guy, but he wouldn't answer anything comprehensible.

The guy is saved and is tied to his bed. He can take this no more, he says to Frank. When he's left all by himself, he tries to tear up the stitches, so the angel appears and asks if he needs her help. He says yes and so she opens her wings and kisses him and he dies. Sister Mary Eunice enters the room where the Angel of Death is. The latter establishes that the nun is possessed with one of her fallen cousins. The real Mary asks for help, but devil suppresses her. "We'll meet again", says the angel and disappears.

Lana is raped by Thredson, so the idea about modern Bloody Face being Lana and Oliver's son is not so outrageous after all. This is when the angel appears, but Lana is not ready to be kissed. Shortly after Oliver comes to a thought that he was wrong, Lana can't help him overcome his issues, so he wants to kill her. Struggling, she hits him with Wendy's picture and then strangles him with her chain, and runs away. She stops a car, driven by a crazy misogynist, who's just caught his wife cheating on him. He shot himself while driving, and the next time Lana opens her eyes - she's in Briarcliff, as police, who came to take a look at the car accident, found her and sent her there. Lana asks Sister Mary Eunice for Sister Jude, but the nun says Jude no longer runs the Briarcliff. Lana tells her then that Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face, but even though Mary Eunice says she believes her, she acts like she doesn't. I'm pretty sure Mary plans on doing something evil, maybe even invite Thredson to the asylum.

Sister Jude is still sitting at the place of Sam Goodman's murder. Sister Mary Eunice calls there and tells Jude she's a murderer, who drove over a little girl. To a question how does Eunice know about it, she replies "I was in your head, remember?" And Jude finally figures out that Mary Eunice is possessed. The Devil also left a present for Jude: a bottle of whiskey and a razor. Judy goes to a diner to cut her wrists, but she doesn't go through with this and talks to the Angel of Death instead. From that conversation we learn that she wanted to kill herself several times before, and that she can't have children because of syphilis her fiancee gave her.

Before killing herself, Jude comes to the family of a girl she hit with her car. It turns out, the girl didn't die, so essentially, there's no reason for Jude to commit a suicide anymore. God gives Jude another reason to live.

Kit learns from his attorney that Grace might die very soon, so he hits the guy with something like a presse papier and runs to the asylum through the death chute. One of Arden's monsters follows him. Kit finds Grace in the kitchen and wants escape with her. The nun appears in the door, only to be attacked by the monster some seconds after. Kit kills the monster, but then Frank, who came to the screams, takes a shot at him. Grace covers Kit with her body, and finally she is kissed by the angel. The end.

So, unfortunately, AHS goes from bizarre to completely reckless, and I don't think I like that. The story with Bloody Face this episode was incoherent, the Angel of Death scenes felt like an unnecessary extra (plus, the effect from the way she opened her wings every time wore off very quickly). Dr. Arden faced something rather extraordinary, which should have shaken the world of the science lover, but he barely reacted. And next time we'll see psychotic Santa, which is so over the top. But at least I'm sure Ian McShane will be just awesome.

Score 6/10

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