Dec 14, 2012


I am extremely disappointed with the Golden Globe nominations. Nothing for Boss? Go On is completely off the list? Only one nomination for American Horror Story, which is once again for Jessica Lange's performance, while almost every actor on that show deserves an award? Are you kidding me, people?

The rest of the nominations are occupied by Game Change, The Newsroom, and the appalling, tasteless, idiotic Homeland.  Sarah Paulson is nominated for a boring, almost an episodic role in Game Change and her performance in that TV movie was not even close to that she's done in AHS. Oh well.

I'll never know why the general public likes Homeland, just like I never understood why people enjoyed 24. And so every award this series takes makes me die a little inside. I don't think I can watch the ceremony, it'll be too painful, even the hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, can't save the night.

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