Oct 18, 2013


I still struggle to accept the new reality of AHS, mainly because it's a bit too cheesy and neither scary or funny enough to justify that. But I looove Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates together, LaLaurie character is very funny. I find it hard to root for Zoe, luckily, she stopped narrating, so there's not too much of her. Lily Rabe's role doesn't seem to suit her that well, I liked her as the devil more.

Anyway, back to the story:

A couple of alligator hunters are checking their traps, then they hear a Stevie Nicks song and find Misty Day wandering around the gator corpses. She's looking all Mother Earth and acting like a PETA activist. Long story short, she revives the dead animals, who brutally murder the men. Somehow, she doesn't feel much pity for humans, hmm.

In the academy, Zoe mourns Kyle while Fiona asks LaLaurie how she manages to stay alive for all these years. Cordelia interrupts by calling everyone for the morning witch gathering, which looks more like some AA meeting. Queenie tells the story of how she ended up in the school: she used her voodoo doll magic to deep-fry an annoying fast food chain customer's hand. The meeting is cut short by homicide detectives, who came to question Madison and Zoe about the bus crash. At first the girls manage to stay calm, but after Zoe is asked about the accident survivor, who died after she paid him a visit in the hospital just like her late boyfriend, she breaks and tells them everything. The witch stuff too. Luckily, Fiona comes in to save the day: she forces the officers to drink a glass of water with her spit, which seemed to have erased their memory. She then warns the girls that she's the one they need to be scared of.

Cordelia and her husband are trying for a baby the dark magic way (with snakes and blood and spells and fire) after the modern medicine has failed them.

Fiona finds out what happened to LaLaurie 180 years ago and pays a visit to Marie Laveau's hair salon to learn the immortality secret. They trade some quips; regular and voodoo witches don't seem to get along. After Fiona leaves (thanks for nothing and the hair extensions suck too!), Marie goes to the secret room with her Minotaur lover still alive.

Madison takes Zoe to the morgue to resurrect Kyle. The bus crash was so proper, they had to construct his body from various parts of his mates. At first, it seems the spell didn't work, but then Zoe sends Madison outside to say goodbye to the boy and kisses the sleeping beauty. The guard guy interrupts, but Kyle suddenly wakes up and protects Zoe from him. She takes him out of the morgue and can't decide where to drive him, but then Misty shows her presence in the car and suggests to go to the swamps. They come to Misty's hut where she puts some sort of dirt on the monster-boy (who can't speak or act like a human) which is supposed to help him heal. Zoe recognizes Misty as the burnt girl from Cordelia's story, Misty is very happy to see somebody like her. She suggests to leave Kyle with her and hopes Zoe would visit.

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