Oct 25, 2013


I think this was the worst episode in the history of AHS. I understand it's hard to maintain the reputation of a "shocking cable show" when all the major news networks show an X-ray of fetus with the bullet in its scull in broad daylight, but unlike real life, fiction cannot afford the luxury of showing things that "just happen", everything that takes place in the good show has to be justified somehow. This is something that I felt was definitely lacking in The Replacements.

Well, let's start, shall we?

The episode begins with the flashback to 1971, which reveals how Fiona got to be the Supreme witch and what was the thing that Spalding saw. Basically, she slit the throat of the previous Supreme, Anna Leigh, after she said she would never let Fiona take the witch throne. The most important piece of information in this act is that as the new Supreme "blossoms", the old one fades away and dies.

In our days Fiona visits some bar, and the scene from the last season is sort of repeated: men stopped wanting her (off: Jessica's voiceover sounded so much better than Taissa's), so she's decided to do the face lift. Her daughter, after failing to conceive a child with the help of snake sex, wants to try IVF (I assume); both women hear the bad news from their doctors: no one would dare to operate on them, their immune system is too weak.

Madame LaLaurie watches Obama giving speech on TV and does what Republicans did on the election night - weeps. Fiona makes her the house maid (or go back to the box!) and later - Queenie's personal slave.

Zoe visits Kyle's "white trash" mother and after seeing how much she mourns her late son (she nearly hanged herself), thinks of a great idea: why not return the Frankenstein monster home? She goes to the swamps, where Misty's managed to get rid of almost all the scars on his body, except for the ones that divide the body from his neck (it is probably meant to stress how different Kyle is from all the frat boys and their parts). Crazy Nicks fan doesn't want to let the boy go and becomes very aggressive, but he seems to want to leave her, and so Zoe successfully delivers him to his mommy.

A very different (and very religious) mother Joan and her attractive young son Luke move in next door to the witch school. Madison and Nan visit their home with cake, where the former has a conflict with Joan and uses her powers to throw knifes and burn curtains. The religious freak comes to Fiona with the Bible to tell what happened and demand that the witches stay away from her home. The Supreme suspects that Madison is her successor and takes the girl out to play pool and test her power.

Cordelia pays a visit to Marie Laveau asking to put a fertility spell on her (with goat's blood and a jar of sperm included), but Marie refuses to help her enemy's daughter.

Turns out Kyles was being repeatedly molested by his mother and when she tries to have sex with him (for the second time after his return), he kills her with his trophy screaming "NO". Zoe comes to the house and sees what he's done.

Delphine is cooking for Queenie, when she notices her Minotaur house boy outside. Queenie goes out and asks the monster to love her (physically), which he seemingly does, but probably not in the way she imagined.

Fiona is convinced that Madison is the new Supreme and asks the girl to kill her. Madison doesn't want to, so they engage in a fight and eventually experience wins: Fiona cuts the young witch's throat and Spalding sees it again. "This coven doesn't need a new Supreme", - Fiona summarizes - "it needs a new rug".

I can practically see what the creative process of AHS writers was, when they were thinking of what kind of horrible stuff they can put into the show. "Let's make Kyle kill his mother!" "But he's good" "OK, what if she's done bad things to him" "Like what?" "Incest?!"

In the first episode Peters' character didn't look traumatized enough to justify this kind of skeleton in the closet, IMO. Same with Queenie, she did not seem that desperate to explain why she would want to have her first sexual experience with a monster. Oh, well.

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