Jan 29, 2013


Johnny hires a prostitute to be breastfed by her. It wasn't particularly satisfying, so this didn't end well for the girl.

Dr. Thredson is still missing one particular tape, so he's in need for the leverage. He arranges for Kit to meet his newborn and the mother in the common room. When left alone, Walker asks Grace about the creatures, and she tells how they revived her and put a fetus inside of  her. She claims the child, which she plans on calling Thomas by the way, is special and he's destined to make a difference, when he grows up. Sadly, Alma didn't survive the experiments. Kit is obviously relieved by her passing, since now there's nothing that would stop him from marrying Grace (well, except for the fact that they're a couple of lunatics in a mental institution), so he proposes to her. Unfortunately, the moment is ruined by the Monsignor and company, who came to take little Thomas to the orphanage.

Mother Claudia finds Lana in the kitchen and arranges her escape. Ms. Winters takes the tape and her patient file with her and gives a promise to Jude that she'll come back for her. There was one last obstacle to overcome - Mr. Thredson, who happened to be near the exit. Luckily, he was busy persuading Kit to get the tape in exchange for the baby, he even comes up with a new Bloody Face suspect: missing Dr. Arden. Kit notices Lana and distracts Oliver till she's out of the damned building. Thredson notices her walking out the door and runs after just to see her in the cab with the tape, giving him the finger.

Mr. Bloody Face rushes home to pick up some stuff (not a very smart move, imho), but he's got a guest. After giving the tape to the police Lana decides to pay a visit to the father of her child to find out what that sick bastard's done to Wendy's body. Oh, he's done a lot. In fact, he had some necrophiliac experience with what used to be Wendy (eeew), before cutting her in pieces.

Anyway, as the police siren resounds outside, Thredson goes about how he'll be put to prison, because he's "clearly insane" and thus not fit the for the chair. He then reaches for the gun to make Lana his last victim, but she blows his brains out first, saying: "Prison's too good for you".

Sister Jude in a meanwhile rebelled against the drugs given to the patients, so Timothy had to see her. Judy then is acting like guilty conscience he never had, so to silence her he puts her to the solitary.

Kit is released from the Briarcliff, but he doesn't want to go alone. Luckily, he's learnt from Thredson how to get what he wants, so he trades his silence about the atrocities in the sanitarium in exchange for his son and Grace, who according to the papers is dead anyway.

Kit and his new family go to the house where he and Alma were taken from, he apologizes for the mess the aliens left. Suddenly they hear the noise from one of the rooms. When Kit goes to the sound, he sees Alma feeding a baby (she could have cleaned up!).

Lana comes to the abortionist but doesn't go through with the procedure; she doesn't want any more deaths. She manages to get the court order that allows her to see Jude, but the Monsignor's already advanced Kit's "dead on the paper" idea and so he tells Ms. Winters that Jude hanged herself and gives some fake death certificates as a proof. 

Lana gives birth to Bloody Face's baby and tells the staff she doesn't want to see it ever again. But one inconsiderate nurse still brings the baby to Lana and asks her to breastfeed it. Eventually Lana agrees though it's not a very pleasant experience.

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