Jan 29, 2013


I feel like I need to say a couple of words about the season two of AHS before moving on. Firstly, it definitely wasn't as terrifying as the first one (which is not a bad thing). I don't fear the aliens as much as ghosts; even if they do exist, the likelihood of ever meeting them seems negligible. The Devil was extremely fun and full of life, I mourned her when they killed her off. All the other things, like the Holocaust, mutants, maniacs and mental illnesses, though undoubtedly are utterly disturbing, don't really force you sleep with the lights on. So for me Asylum was more dark than scary.

There were a couple of dead ends throughout the season, I believe. For example, we never got to learn what the hell attacked Lana in the first episode. At the time it seemed like it was the same thing that ripped Leo's hand off, but now we know it wasn't. Transformed Shelley was brought to the playground and exposed, but it didn't even get to a local newspaper. Lee Emerson escaped to never reappear. The aliens took Kit who knows why, etc.

In the end the series turned out to be about Lana, her journey, her last stand and her logical triumph over, well, evil. The only truly nice (tough slutty) person was Kit, yet it never really felt like he (along with the whole alien story) really mattered. Sister Jude had to undergo several personality changes, she's been a cold-hearted bitch, projecting her sins to the inmates of the asylum, then a martyr, and finally just one happy grandmother. Hats off to Jessica Lange.

Despite all the flaws American Horror Story was one of the best shows this fall (maybe just a little behind Boss) and I can't wait for more.

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