Jan 5, 2013


"The Name Game" was one of the best episodes this season. I loved how Lana's turned to this incredibly strong heroine, who's learned to take care not only of herself but of the weaker others (Kit!). The choice of music was so great (the scene in the forest and the one with Mary Eunice's death gained a lot from the background music).


Kit is resurrected, but he's lied to by Dr. Arden, who claims that this near death experience was in vain: the aliens didn't come. Arden goes back to his lab where he keeps Grace and has a conversation with her guardian, Pepper, who gives him a speech about how people tend to judge by appearance, and how unconventionally looking and mentally challenged people suffer because of that. She also tells him that the aliens make knock-knock jokes about Arden and his experiments, which probably affected some of the later happenings.

Sister Mary Eunice purchased a jukebox for the common room to replace the broken Dominique record. It started playing "I Put a Spell on You" and Mr. Bloody Face himself appeared to deliver great news to Lana and Kit:  the possessed nun offered him a full-time position at Briarcliff, which he kindly accepted. He knows that Lana's abortion didn't bring the result she was hoping for, and he intends to keep her alive for some time.

There was a great deal of confrontation between Jude and Mary Eunice, which resolved quite unfortunately for Ms. Martin - Eunice asked Arden to perform the notorious electroshock therapy on her stubborn patient. Jude lost her memory, motor skills and her sanity. That's when Jude's mind produced a fantasy of her performing a song along with other inmates of the asylum.

Monsignor Timothy didn't die, the Angel of Death came to him to ask him to cast the demon out of Mary Eunice, which he tried and failed to do. Mary Eunice raped him for that and Dr. Arden caught her in action.

He (Arden) goes to the woods, chased by his beloved nun, to finish his experiment. He shoots his test subjects slash mutants and even attempts to put a bullet through his own scull, but chickens out. Mary Eunice says that he's pitiful and leaves him by himself. That was my favorite scene of the episode.

Like any rape victim Timothy feels very unwell. He even thinks about leaving the church, as his vow was kind of broken (he didn't consider that when he killed Shelley with his rosary, did he? I'm sure murder is against the church principles as well). So he turns to his only loyal friend Jude (well, the vegetable version of her) for advice. She listens to his whining and remorse for some time and suggests to kill Mary Eunice.

Dr. Thredson goes to Arden's office looking for some Sodium Pentothal (probably to use it as a "truth serum" on Kit) but finds something much better: Grace who's ready to give a birth to Kit's (or so she says) child. Luckily, the creators of the show spared us the process of labor itself, we just got to see how Oliver trades Grace and already born baby for the whereabouts of the tape with his confession.

He goes to the bathing room only to find out that Lana already hid the tape somewhere else, which was a very wise thing to do. She warns Thredson that if he hurts anyone, she'll give the tape to the police. Take that, motherf**ker!

Sister Eunice/the devil learns that Timothy is planning to kill her and appears on the very moment he is praying for strength to finish her. She tries to seduce him by promising her assistance with his career in Vatican, but he declines. Together they go up the "stairway to heaven" and at some point the soul of real Mary Eunice takes control again. She says to Timothy that she's tired of fighting and that she wants to let go. "Then let go of me, Sister", he replies, and as she does, he throws her off the staircase. She floats like the fallen angel and as she hits the ground, the Angel of Death comes to take her soul and the devil with her.

Mother Claudia comes to check on Judy, since she's been calling her name. Jude gives a crazy speech about how Timothy invited her to Rome and how they are going to be the Pope and get married. At the end she asks Claudia to set Lana free.

Dr. Arden convinces Timothy that the corpse of Mary Eunice shall be cremated, and as he's done with the  preparations, he lays his body over hers and goes to the oven with her. So romantic.

So we've lost two of the villains, and I was so sad to see Mary Eunice go. Lily Rabe was phenomenal this season, I'd actually rate her performance higher than that of Jessica Lange (which was also quite exceptional). There obviously was some poetic justice in the way Arden died - in the oven, like many of the concentration camps' prisoners.

The main bad guys are now Thredson and his supposed son and Mr. Emerson, so let's wait and see how they go.

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