Jan 17, 2014


Once again the series dive into origins of monstrosity: a great deal of the latest episode is dedicated to LaLaurie and her path to her somewhat eccentric hobby. In short, she's enjoyed dismembering living things since childhood, and when she moved to the US, it was time to level up.

The witches gather to bury Nan, who, according to Fiona, fell in the tub, and this is when Queenie and LaLaurie (head and body back together) choose to appear. Queenie's survived Hank's attack, despite having been shot with an enchanted bullet, and fixed her racist friend. Both of them are welcomed back to the academy, where Queenie cleans her room from Misty's hippie things and yells at Delia, calling her weak, and Delphine enjoys some practical jokes, like feeding the coven with Madison's shit, and tortures a wounded black gardener next to Spalding's doll collection. As she's about to finish, Spalding's spirit appears and promises her assistance in killing Laveau, if she buys a super expensive doll for him. So she does, and gets a pack of Benadril and instructions to put the pills into Marie's drink.

Zoe's discovers that Fiona and Marie drowned Nan, but she's distracted by Madison, who acts out after Kyle rejects her, promises to take him back to pieces and tries to harm Zoe. The act is interrupted by Myrtle, who later gives some jewelry to Zoe and tells her to take the boy and run. Kyle cries and hesitates, but eventually agrees, so they manage to get on a bus.

Fiona, Marie and the Axeman meet with the witch hunters and kill them all. When they return, Delphine makes sure Laveau drinks the magic pills and hits her with the knife, Dexter style. Unfortunately, that does not work, but Spalding knocks the voodoo witch out and lets Delphine decide what to do with her. Turns out he helped LaLaurie, because he wanted to get a hold of the living doll - the baby that was meant for Papa Legba.

Oh, and Delia stabbed her eyes out, one by one? to regain her inner sight.

They say next season will be a period 1950s drama.

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