Jan 31, 2014


The witches have the last supper the night before they attempt to perform the Seven Wonders to figure out who the next Supreme is. Delia tells them to kick ass, she doesn't take part in the trials, 'cause she knows, she's not the one.

All four - Misty, Queenie, Zoe and Madison - pass the first test successfully, they use telekinesis to move candles. Then, the mind control test, where the girls cause each other a little harm, and Madison nearly makes Kyle strangle Zoe, but gets interrupted by Delia. Misty is the first one to get eliminated, as she fails the next task - unlike the other girls, she cannot return from her personal hell, where she has to dissect and resurrect the frog on repeat.

The three continue with the Wonders and play teleportation-tag outside the academy. The game gets Zoe killed - she teleports to the top of the gate, and the spikes pierce her body. Queenie fails to bring her back to life (how come she could do this to Misty last week?), so she's out. Madison refuses to perform the task on Zoe, she kills a fly instead and resurrects it. Like her predecessor, the supposed new Supreme cannot care less about the morals or the coven itself, so Cordelia mourns the end of witches.

But Myrtle has an epiphany - how could she not see this before? Delia has royal blood in her veins, she must be the next Supreme, not Madison! So Cordelia performs all the Wonders, including Divination - the one Madison fails. The starlet rushes to her room to pack and leave for Hollywood, threatening to tell TMZ all about the crazy w(b)itches, but she's followed by Kyle, and like Frankenstein, she dies from the hands of her own creation. Spalding appears to help Kyle get rid of her body. The perv probably takes her back to his attic. (What's up with the baby?!!)

Zoe is resurrected, and for some reason, she does not continue with the test, I guess, you die - you lose. Delia regains her sight and glowing health and gives an interview on TV, urging the young witches to come out and embrace their witchy selves, seek acceptance within the walls of Miss Robichaux's.

To spare her from unnecessary Watergate scandal, Myrtle convinces Cordelia to burn her at the stake for killing her fellow Council members. The last word she says on the show is Balenciaga!!!

Delia asks Zoe and Queenie to be her Council, and of course they agree. Suddenly, the new Supreme hears the voice of the old one. She finds Fiona, looking horrible, who's never been killed or fed to alligators as it turns out. She's just put the memory of murdering her inside Axeman's head to deceive Delia, with intentions to kill the next Supreme once the Seven Wonders test reveals who she is. She dies in her daughter's hands, hugging her for the first time in her life. Then Fiona wakes up in her hell: in the country house with the Axeman. In the beginning of the season, Fiona hears another chemo patient asking God to take her after her daughter's wedding, but she misses this sign and instead of trying to connect with Cordelia, she wishes for a man to belong to. Now, in hell, she's asking for her daughter, but it's too late.

Delia and her Council open the doors of the academy and the young witches flood the building. The coven is safe, the witches thrive.

Like other seasons of AHS, Coven is full of metaphors.Yes, it portrays the world of women, where men are nothing but a threat, a weakness, a punishment or an unnecessary (unwanted) help, but for me it's not what it's about.

It's about looking closely at what you believe you are and questioning this belief, like Delia; it's about taking your second chance to become a better version of yourself or wasting it, like Madison or Delphine; about being able to look beyond the misery you're in or be consumed by it, like Misty; about taking the responsibility for your actions, like Myrtle; about being able to realize that the family you want is not the family you have, and let the pain of bitter disappointment go.

The attempt to show all of this with the help of Urban Dictionary and high fashion is interesting, but not entirely successful. I just wish they'd put a little more effort to it.

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