Apr 6, 2014


Tonight, on the 6th of April, we've got two new shows on HBO and AMC.

Silicon Valley is a new HBO comedy, created by Mike Judge. He actually used to work for a video card start up company in the past, and as far as I understand, he did not really enjoy it. This makes it interesting, 'cause if you’re not an IT enthusiast, it should be easier for you to look critically at the environment and make fun of it.

The first teaser was rather disappointing, but the second one and the sneak peeks look very promising. The series is rather short, only 8 episodes, so It’s better be good.

Turn airs tonight on AMC (a.k.a. the Breaking Bad channel). This series is based on a book named Washington Spies. It is a period drama set in the 18th century during American Revolutionary War. The creators promise all the spy movie fun with guns and chases etc. Quite honestly, it seems like there is a little too much testosterone in this show for me to enjoy it.

On the 15th of april FX releases Fargo with the Coens as executive producers. This is an anthology, so expect a different story every season. The first one is based on a 1996 film with the same name that  has altogether earned seven Oscars. There already was an attempt to create a spin-off, Kathy Bates even directed the pilot back in 1997, but that wasn't meant to be. The new version involves brilliant martin freeman (he’s everywhere now) and Billie Bob Thornton as the leads.

FX has already revealed the first 7 minutes of the pilot, and it looks great. Dark, funny, with exceptional acting – I have a feeling it will be the best new mini series of the year. So yeah, I’m looking forward to all the ten episodes.

Another period drama slash supernatural witch show called Salem is coming out on the 20th of April on WGN. It is created by Brannon Braga, who has been previously working on Terra Nova, and Start Track franchise, and Adam Simon, the guy who wrote for a number of horror movies, including a trashy one named Bones, with Snoop Dogg (which earned less than half of its budget).

The show is set in the 17th century, and the witches are real and running the witch trials. How about that?

For the teenagers and those that are young at heart, MTV has created a new show called Faking It, which will air on the 22nd of April. It’s about two girls that pretend to be a lesbian couple just to fit and become popular in High School. Enough said.

A new mini series named Black Box is set to debut on the 24th of April. The show is about Catherine Black, who is a secretly  bipolar neuroscientist. So, in essence, it’s like if instead of a leg/Vicodin problem Gregory House had the mental stability of Carrie from Homeland.  I doubt it’d be any good.

CBS took a movie Bad Teacher and turned it into a series, which will premiere on the 24th of April. Frankly, I haven’t fully recovered from the loss of the money I paid to see the movie, so I have mixed feelings about it. The only thing that I can mark as interesting in the show’s trailers, is that Juanita from Desperate Housewives still looks as a kid.

Finally, on the 29th of April, USA Network releases a new comedy about the female friendship called Playing House. The show is based on the real life friendship between Lennon Parham andJessica St. Clair and they also play the leading parts.

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