Apr 25, 2014


As we know from the previous episode, Sam Hess was affiliated with Fargo crime syndicate, so two guys, Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg) and deaf Mr. Wrench (Russell Harvard), come to town to follow up on his murder. A co-worker and a friend of Hess tells them about Malvo's strange visit right before Sam's death and gives them a description of how he looks. The guys go to the strip club and interrogate the owner along with the hooker who's been with Sam that night. After hearing the description of the suspect, the hooker points to a venue habitue and a tough guy wannabe, who ends up in Numbers' and Wrench's trunk. Sam's friend says it's not the right guy, so they dispose of the unlucky idiot by throwing him to the ice-hole. Alive and tied up.

Fargo guys remind of these two from the original film:

In the meanwhile, Lorne is still in Duluth. He comes by the local post office to receive a package from his boss. After mildly harassing the old worker of the office, who at first refuses to give out anything without identity confirmation, he gets a parcel with a book and an id in it. "I'm a minister, apparently", he says, and makes the sign of the cross over the confused and petrified post office employee.

Malvo visits the supermarket king, Stavros Milos (Oliver Platt), whose book he received in the package. Stavros apparently hired Lorne to uncover the person behind the blackmail. Somebody sent him a note, threatening to reveal the source of the money Stavros started his business with, and demanding $43,613 in exchange for silence. The businessman suspects his wife he's about to divorce, so Lorne comes by her house. He finds Helena Milos (Allegra Fulton) working out with her fitness instructor and a big fan of self-tanning Don Chumph (Glenn Howerton). After having checked the note at the motel, Malvo discovers that the same bronzer he got on his palm from the handshake with Don is on the paper.

Then Wally, Stavros' head of security appears in the motel and demands that Lorne leave the town at once or else. But Malvo shows him what he really thinks of his threats, the way Tom Kane displayed his disrespect to Lalo Mata in Boss - he takes a dump in front of him.

Deputy Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks) is being consumed by the guilt of letting a criminal go. Only one sexy neighbor eases his mind by showing herself in her underwear through the window. 

Lester mourns his wife (who, apparently, was very fond of stuffed animals) and the simpler life that ended with her death. He temporarily stays at his brother's and thinks of selling his house full of sad memories.

As it usually happens in real life, the position of chief goes to dim Bill (Bob Odenkirk), who very much believes in coincidence of all kinds. Molly insist they need to question Lester about the chat he had in the hospital, to which Bill reluctantly agrees. Lester nervously denies he spoke to anyone about Hess; he even pretends he does not remember his high school bully. Molly has many questions, but Bill doesn't let her press Lester harder, so they leave with nothing.

She doesn't give up and follows Lester to the pharmacy he comes by to buy something for his wound that seems to have been caused by the pellet from the shot Malvo took at Vern. Molly hardly gets anything out of him, as he literally runs away from her. After this conversation Lester calls Bob and complains about her awful behavior, so Bill takes her off the case, but promises to make her the lead on the frozen guy investigation.

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