Apr 29, 2014


Cosima accepts Leekie's offer after all and gets the remote lab, but first she has to convince him she had nothing to do with Sarah's appearance at the recent party. Rachel, who takes insults very personally, introduces herself by walking into the lab. She breaks the ice by stating the obvious: "So, you're gay". She reveals that she knows about Cosima's illness and provides some materials that could help find what's causing it, however, she declines showing the original DNA, which, according to her words, "was robust" and could not have possibly caused this sickness. She also supplies the limited data on Sarah's upbringing and orders Cosima to identify, why from all the clones, only Sarah is not childless.

Alison attends Aynsley's funeral and happens to hold her husband's coat the very moment when text messages come to the phone in its pocket. From what the messages say Alison figures out that Donnie was the monitor all along! This discovery ends her sober life. She tells Felix about it as well as about how poor Aynsley died. He advises her to set a trap for Donnie, so she speaks on the phone mentioning Sarah's name in her husband's presence and goes to her late friend's grave. There she meets her new buddy from the musical, also named Sarah, who spots Donnie, speaking on the phone with Leekie and hiding behind gravestones and trees. As Alison confronts him, he says he followed her 'cause he was worried. Right.

Sarah is reunited with Kira. Turns out Mrs. S. made it look like a kidnapping. She drove the girl out of the city to the house of her old friends and arranged for Sarah's comfortable delivery in the trunk of weird man's car. She plans to take Kira to the UK, while Sarah is supposed to stay in Canada and wait. Mrs. S denies she knows anything, when Sarah shows her the photo her birthmother gave her. Later, Kira tells her mom that she saw S. looking through Sarah's birthmother's stuff, so Sarah decides to run. Right about this time Siobhan discovers that her so called friends sold her out to the Proletheans and kills them, but lets Sarah and Kira drive away.

Felix, together with his foster-sister and her daughter, is on his way out of the city, when Alison calls him and tells that Donnie fell into a trap. Fee has too much on his mind, so he leaves her to deal with her problems on her own. Poor Alison.

And a few words about the Proletheans. We meet a cowboy Henrik Johanssen, a representative of the New Order, a leader of Prolethean Amish-like village. He provides shelter for Tomas and has Helena stolen from the hospital. Turns out, she's a mirror-girl, meaning that her heart is on the right side -  a condition sometimes developed in one of the identical twins. He thinks it would be amazing if Helena could conceive, while Tomas believes such child would be a monster. So the cowboy kills him. He seems to believe that science is not unholy.

In my opinion, the episode was slightly weaker than the first one, although my favorite clone Alison, is amazingly funny as always. My heart literally broke when Felix abandoned her at the time like this. I also think the freshly introduced fat Sarah may be Alison's new monitor. I still understand literally nothing about Mrs S. and I didn't like seeing the process of cow insemination along with the talks of whether Helena could conceive. Yikes. 

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