Jun 12, 2014


I guess, Molly is the fox, Malvo is the rabbit and Lester's definitely the cabbage in this week's episode.

First of all, we get to see how Lorne ended up in Vegas, surrounded by two cheerful ladies and an old guy. Turns out, for six months he pretended to be a dentist, got engaged to his hot assistant, hosted dinner parties  - and all of it to get to his "co-worker's" brother, who's under witness protection. Finally, the guy decided to introduce Malvo to his bro, a family reunion had to take place in Vegas. And that's where Lester spotted the guy who changed his life.

Being a changed man, Lester chooses to say hi. Lorne acts as if he's never seen the insurance salesman in his life and the party leaves. Mr. Nygaard catches up with them and gets into the elevator with the group, saying that the new Lester will not just let it go. So Malvo asks him the question he asked in the emergency room a year ago. Is it what he wants? Yes or no? After hesitation, Lester responds in the affirmative. Not sure what he expected to happen, but the next moment Malvo takes out his gun and shoots everyone but the salesman of the year. He tells Lester to help him throw the bodies to the dumpster, but instead Mr. Nygaard hits the killer from behind and runs away. He gets to his room, wakes up his wife and tells her to dress up. They leave for Bemidji, where Lester plans to pick up some things and fly off to sunny Acapulco.

Bill is out of town, so Molly acts as a chief in his stead. She gets a call regarding murders in Vegas - the Sin City police wants her to question a potential witness, Lester Nygaard. She comes to his new impressive house; he attempts to send her away, but Linda interferes. So he gives a statement: nothing out of ordinary, he saw nothing, he knows nothing. When asked about the reason why the couple returned earlier than previously planned, Linda lies that it was her idea.

Malvo also gets to Bemidji; Gus spots him driving by, but like during their first encounter, does nothing about it. Lorne comes by Lester's old house, the new owner tells him Nygaard's got his own insurance shop now with his name on the sign. The office turns out to be closed, so the killer tries his luck in Molly's father's diner. He orders coffee and a piece of an apple pie and tries to find out where Lester lives now. (I'm sure Lou recognized him, and after Malvo saw Gus and Molly on the photo, he (Malvo) realized that). Lorne leaves moments before Molly enters the place to meet with the FBI agents, who also arrive at the same time and pass the killer by without noticing him (again).

I'm gonna miss this guy.

They found out about Molly's calls to the bureau and came to talk to her. She takes them to her office to show the scheme on the wall. This is when Bill appears. He rolls his eyes on Solverson displaying her "collage" and says they caught the guy, but the agents criticize him for not caring about all the loose ends and praise Molly for her work.

Lester prints out the tickets, and together with Linda he drives to his shop to pick up the passports and some cash. He notices a lamp turned on, so he gives his wife his old jacket, tells her to put the hood on and sends her in. He remains in his car and watches Malvo appear behind his wife's back and kill her and then walk away.

I wonder if we see the wood chipper in the finale. Lester can't possibly leave the corpse in the office - the second dead wife within one year would look too suspicious. 

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