Jun 9, 2014


Molly attempts to present the results of her investigation to Bill, but he's just had an omelet and therefore can't spend his energy on anything but digestion, so he tells her to let it go. After celebrating her own comeback with cake (with rifle made out of frosting on top), she comes to Lester's shop and watches him tell a story to his colleagues. He notices her, but acts as if her presence is not a big deal.

He's no longer the jumpy loser. Earlier he's purchased a new - silent - washing machine, thrown all Pearl's things away and stood up to Gina and her dumb sons by putting clips to each of the boys' foreheads, when she visited his workplace demanding $2 mln. This scene has impressed his co-worker Linda so much that she's called him "amazing".

Lorne Malvo kills the cop guarding Mr. Wrench's door and pays the deaf hitman a visit. He informs the guy he's unemployed, gives him the key from the handcuffs and tells him to find him, after healing up.

Gus sends an extreme amount of flowers to Molly. The day before the hearing on the shooting, he calls her and they plan to go on an official date. And then the time leap happens.

In about a year from when the main events took place, Gus works as a mailman, like he's always dreamed. He now lives in the suburbs with his daughter and Molly, who's very pregnant, just like her prototype from the original movie. She hasn't let Lester's case go, although when she calls the FBI about Lorne Malvo, it is apparent that she has not succeeded to convince anyone so far. The two agents, who once let Malvo kill over twenty Fargo criminals, work with the archives, so hopefully they will be willing to help her.

Bill is still a chief. He tells Molly a fascinating story of his black foster kid, who looks as if he's in his twenties. The kid was lost before he's had a chance to be introduced to his new American family, until Bill caught him shoplifting in Phoenix Farms and "recognized" him.

Lester accepts his first salesman of the year award in some fancy hotel venue. He's happily married to Linda and is definitely a changed man. Almost ready to call it a night, he notices a bunch of young girls making eye contact with him, so he sends his wife to her room, and follows the ladies to the bar. He orders a dangerous drink, Blood and Sand, occasionally checking out his target. And suddenly he sees Lorne Malvo, hair completely gray, entertaining a group of people. 

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