Jun 16, 2014


After last week's disappointing episode, it was good to see Orphan Black finally back on track, though Kira's repetitious kidnapping is starting to grow old. There's only one episode left, and I hope this time Sarah manages to get her daughter back before next season.
The other girl is actually Tatiana's double from the scene with two clones.
We finally have a chance to see what Helena is up to. Henrik plants fertilized eggs into her, but she later realizes that she's not the only "broodmare" for her children, as Grace undergoes the same procedure. When Mark comes to the room where the blonde and the ginger are held to check on his loved one, Helena confronts him with his inability to stand up to Henrik, who makes his own daughter carry his (Henrik's - as he fertilized Helena's egg with his... hmm material) babies. In the middle of the night Helena and Grace decide to take off, but the cult leader interferes. He knocks the clone out with the stock and locks his daughter up. Mark, who comes in the very moment stands by Grace, lets her out and runs away with her, while Helena takes care of Henrik. And when she's done with him, she torches his little cult camp.

Such a GoT look!
Alison and Donnie dispose of the corpse. They learn from Cosima that according to Dyad Leekie died on a private jet, so they choose to bury the body underneath the floor of their garage. Vic shows up at the worst time possible and tries to see what is it that the couple is doing with the jackhammer. Donnie catches him and very emotionally threatens to shoot him (this time he makes sure the security is on as he puts a gun to Vic's head), so the ex-drug user confesses that he spies on them because of Angela, who's waiting outside in the van. I guess she wanted Ally's confession on the tape. Donnie brings Vic back to the van, takes a photo of him and Angela together and promises to get the cop suspended, if she shows up again. 

Rachel makes Delphine the new Leekie and convinces her to turn to Sarah for Kira's bone marrow. Reluctantly, Sarah agrees and one of Mrs. S's pediatrician friends performs the procedure. Delphine brings the material to the Dyad institute and "accidentally" sees an email with the photo of one of Mrs. S's friends, who helps guard Kira. Delphine goes back to the hospital and gets Sarah to her limo to tell her that, while Rachel, disguised as Sarah, kidnaps Kira and brings her to a very girly room.

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