Jun 9, 2014


I'm quite upset with this series for going too far with the introduction of a transclone (Tatiana is talented, but there are limits to what she can do), besides the episode was clearly a filler, so I'll just write down the most important points very briefly.

- Professor Duncan starts working for DYAD to help fix Cosima. He informs Rachel that the clones were meant to be infertile by design, which causes her to smash almost everything in Leekie's office.

- The new clone, Tony, is introduced. He comes to inform Beth Childs that Paul, who by the way is now missing, is not like other monitors - he's a ghost, whatever that means. After making out with Felix and meeting only Sarah, Tony leaves.

- Alison returns from the rehab, she confesses to Donnie she killed Aynsley, her husband says he shot Leekie with her gun and his body is in the trunk of his car in their garage.

- Cosima and Delphine made up. Cosima tells Scott she is a clone, a moment later she meets Ethan Duncan, and almost instantly starts coughing out blood and collapses, shaking in convulsions on the floor.

That's about it.

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