Sep 27, 2012


Part 2/2 Broke Girls

Two broke girls are back and rocking! The show has everything a good comedy should have: references to the recent events, like Katie Holmes' divorce, awesome writing (I loved the part on Hollywood brunettes) and great acting by the whole cast.
'this is really insensitive and stuff!"
In season's 2 first episode we finally get to meet Caroline's father, Martin Channing (Steven Weber) in prison. I was actually a little shocked how easily it happened, considering that the whole last season there was always something in the way of us actually seeing him. I guess, they were just searching for an actor that would resemble Douglas's Gordon Gekko from the Walstreet as much as possible.

Martin Channing
Recap (spoilers) : Caroline and Max come to visit Martin right before the start of the auction where all possessions of the Channing family are to be sold. Caroline does not want to go there for obvious reasons, but her father insists that she buys back one of the things there, her trophy. The way he explained Caroline and Max the importance of getting this trophy from the auction no matter what, made Max (and myself; again, great writing!) believe there were money hidden in this cup. So the girls paid 200$ for it on the auction, but there was nothing inside, because apparently, the trophy had only some sentimental value.

So far it's the best comedy episode I've seen this season, and it was very wise for CBS to put 2 Broke Girls after Partners, not before, otherwise the latter would have seemed so much worse.

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