Sep 27, 2012



There must be a special place in hell for those who create trailers for movies and TV series, which make the actual movie or series seem hundred times better than they really are. So whoever compiled a trailer for Partners (CBS) is a very evil genius. I remember that day when I watched all premieres' promos and as I came across to this one, I thought: "Hmm, this looks fun, this might be the next best sitcom!". Boy, was I wrong!

Firstly, the tagline for the show is extremely cheesy: 4 friends. 3 couples. I say, why stop here? Can we go with 4 friends. 4 couples? 4 friends. 2 Swedish families? There is definitely room for imagination.

Here they are, four friends, two couples.
Secondly, the creators of the show, David Kohan and Max Mutchnick (Will & Grace) said they took their own relations as a basis for this show. And may I just say that the show looks outdated, which I suspect is because Kohan and Mutchnick looked all the way back to their past for inspiration? I mean, c'mon, Joe's girlfriend is calling him on his office land-line phone? Via secretary? Isn't now the age of the freaking iPhone5? Besides, I don't recall any reference to anything from the modern world, Britney Spears is the most recent celebrity I heard mentioned and let's face it, she's a dinosaur.

So the story is about two architects who try to run a business together, Louis (gay) and Joe (straight, but acts at least as a bi) played by Maxwell Dobak and David Krumholtz respectively. Louis dates a nurse Wyatt (Brandon Routh) and Joe has a girlfriend, Ali (Sophia Bush).

In the first episode Joe looks like a complete jerk, as we learn that because Ali (when drunk) said she wanted to get married, he decided to break up with her. This is what he discusses briefly with Louis, and goes to the jewelry store Ali owns to dump her. But she is happy that her business situation suddenly improved (she says she was afraid to lose her store before, and again, this is so nice of Joe to break up with her at the difficult time like this), so she backs up on the marriage thing. And then Joe proposes to her, but he does not say a word about that to Louis, which is strange, because later we find out he called Louis from Ali's bathroom right after he had sex with her for the first time.

Anyway, due to the lack of information, Louis accidentally reveals to Ali at their yoga class what was the real Joe's plan and finally, Ali realizes what an immature idiot her fiancee is and finding the leftovers of self respect deep inside she calls the wedding off.

What'd she saaay?..
Clearly, the person responsible for this is Joe; he was a jerk. And the adequate reaction to what Louis did would be: "Well, you didn't know. Please help me fix it".  But somehow, Joe decides to blame his friend for the issues with his girlfriend and acts like a hysterical teenage girl saying that the friendship as well as partnership with Louis is over. In the end Louis fixes Joe's relationship with Ali (I am sorry for Ali) and all is fine again.

As I said, the show is completely disconnected from what is happening in the world now and all jokes are about gay people being gay and Jews being Jewish. Sophia Bush is a weird choice, her voice is hard to adjust to. The secretary from the subway platform seems fun, but that's it.

I cannot believe that as all cast and crew got to see the result of their work, no one actually said: "Guys, sorry but it's crap. We can't air it, I can't risk my reputation like that." Apparently, they were all happy with this.

Summary: I'm not watching this again.

Score: 1/10 

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