Sep 26, 2012


So, time to evaluate.

First of all, the-bride-crying-blood thing. Why did we need her in the episode? What did she add to the story? I mean, in House, even the patients on his clinic hours usually helped him get his epiphany or somehow revealed his/other major characters' nature. That is definitely not the case here.

Now that's a lot of blood!
Because the creators overcrowded the episode with different events, just like they did in the pilot, the crying blood patient did not get much attention, they did not even bothered to properly write her and her fiancee's lines. It was like:

Robinson: We think she got panic attacks (What? It's plausible!)
Fiancee to the blood bride: You panicked so much from the thought that you'd marry me that you started crying blood?!
Bride: Um... I... guess... but I love you...  
Fiancee: You run away from me! I've gotta go!!!

What the hell was that? The last time I checked panic attacks are not easy to control, so how can you get upset over that? Moreover, when the doctors figured out that it was actually the tumor in her kidneys, why would this bride take this kind of inconsiderate a-hole (the fiancee) back and agree to marry him after he abandoned her at the hospital?

Also, as this patient arrives and Grace is told to stay close in case she needs to operate, she says to Franco, who's come to take her to do a check-up on Dante in the cornfield, that she can take an hour off the clinic? Isn't an hour too much in this situation?

Moving on. Grace continues to drag her friends at the hospital into her highly dangerous schemes. Last episode she forced her boyfriend to lie on the patient's diagnosis, this time she asks her friend Ro to cover her up (by not reporting patient's death), so she could run tests on the mobster under the dead man's name. At first, Ro says she does not like it, and this is "messed up", but as soon as she hears from Dr. Devlin "Look, I wouldn't do it if I didn't have to", she understandingly nods and just does as told. How much should you care for your friend to risk your career like that? And on the other end, how little should you care for your friend's future to ask her be involved in fraud?
Ro agrees to commit fraud
In the mob part of the story they improved, at least they had some plausible scheme in there with every registered video poker machine having an unregistered double with the same serial number. But I still don't get this urge of mob bosses to control all the crimes personally. Why would Constantine go and assist razing the machines? The risk is unjustified.

Also, in last episode, when we saw the car in Constantine's yard, which was the same car that we saw going away from the place of Grace's father murder, I thought we were clear on who killed him. Apparently, this wasn't clear to Grace and she's asking questions about it now. Constantine swears he was not the one who did it, but considering that the whole episode was about how family members lie each other for the better good ("you've always been like a family to me, Grace" - Forsythe's character says to her), he might have lied. The thing I don't understand is, why she even cares? We get the feeling that she hated her dad, she wished he'd never come back as she blew six candles on her birthday cake. So, why does it matter, exactly?

Be careful what you wish for...or what your 6 year old daughter wishes for.

The way how Grace comes up with the correct diagnosis is odd, she just says random stuff and then pretty much guesses it. By the way, how do you treat cyanide poisoning? House usually named the treatment, I don't recall Dr. Devlin saying: "Here, take that for two weeks and you'll be fine".

So far I can't sympathize with any of the characters, all of them seem stupid and/or careless, and though there's a lot going on, nothing really is important. I mean, there were series worse than this one (*coughing* 24!), which even had a couple of seasons aired, but The Mob Doctor is still a solid candidate for cancellation.

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