Sep 18, 2012


The one that I'm actually waiting for is 666 Park Avenue (released on the 30th of September on ABC), a horror soap about a young couple that moves to a fancy house in NY, just to find out that the place is filled with horror when it's too late. The creator of the show named as the source of inspiration, apart from the novel by Gabriella Pierce the series was based on, Stephen King, Alfred Hitchcock and horror movies Rosemary's Baby, The Shining and Jacob's Ladder. As you watch the trailer or look at the promo poster, the ladder is everywhere, so here's a motive from Jacob's Ladder. Does it mean that the couple is dead and has to pass tests by facing all sorts of seductions before they get to the afterlife? No idea. But there's one thing I know: there's already one particular show that already used Rosemary's Baby and The Shining in its plot. I'm talking about the American Horror Story (FX), of course.
Jane and Henry
I don't know if Murphy and Falchuk have consciously come to a conclusion that after all the vampire stories the female audience was ready for something scary, and pumped a soap story of a dysfunctional family with blood, monsters and countless murders. In any case we now see that this turned out great, as there's at least one follower of the genre.

The stars of the show are Terry O'Quinn (Lost), Vanessa Williams (Desperate Housewives), Rachael Taylor (Transformers) and Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters).

So, House is gone, and he will be missed. Who'll now make cynical comments about dying patients and treat them with contempt and disrespect? Well, Fox has an answer for you: meet Dr. Grace Devlin (Devlin, huh?), a new character from The Mob Doctor, a doctor from, naturally, Chicago who's task is to treat, as the title suggests, mafia guys (at least we know those won't be having lupus), so her brother does not get killed because of his gambling debt. From watching the trailer I assume it will be a combination of House (medicine + cynical comments), Dexter (double life), Sopranos (the mob stuff) and possibly CSI (hi-tech tools).
Grace Devlin
The main part is played by Jordana Spiro (My Boys, last season of Dexter), other actors I'm interested to see are William Forsythe (Broadwalk Empire) and Michael Rapoport (Prison Break, I remember him well from Friends).

The creators of the show, Josh Berman and Rob Wright previously worked together on Drop Dead Diva, which I did not even bothered to watch, so I don't expect anything extraordinary.

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