Sep 25, 2012


Okay, let's do what everyone else is doing: discuss, judge, evaluate dresses at Emmy's red carpet, shall we? The rest of the pictures can be found for example, here or here, or... They are everywhere now!

Starting from a bunch of mermaids: 
Sofia Vergara
I love Sofia Vergara, she's gorgeous and it must be really hard to make her look less attractive. But I see her stylist is trying. This dress is not flattering, I think it makes her chest look heavy and the color is not doing any good to her either.

Julianne Hough
Hough took mermaid image one step further and chose a dress with scales. Again, her body looks a little heavy, but at least this color seems great on her.

Heidi Klum
Well, look who's here. A desperate Heidi Klum. The sad thing is that this could have actually been a great dress without all of this extra flesh.

The old guard disappointed:

Glenn Close
OK, what is this? I understand that Glenn Close cannot wear just anything anymore, but it doesn't mean that she has to pick only poor grandma dresses.

However, this doesn't look so bad as we come to another extreme where Christine Baranski is patiently waiting for us, wearing THIS:

Christine Baranski
She does have great legs, I give her that, but it does not justify being dressed up like that at the age of 60. Yes, I am a prude.

A bunch of our beloved celebrities did not evaluate their capabilities properly, so a number of dresses that are lovely on their own ended up spoiling the look.

Starting with the obvious miss:

Mayim Bialik
There is so much wrong with this dress, that I don't know where to start. I mean, the photographer bear certain responsibility for how bad Mayim looks on this picture, but I've seen other images and they are not that much better. She looks like somebody cut her legs off! I'd suggest something shorter. The makeup is great, though.

Giuliana Rancik
The dress is cute, but Giuliana looks like a lollipop. She is extremely skinny (I am too, believe it or not, finding the right clothes is a real pain). 

Ariel Winter
I love this dress, but unfortunately it makes Ariel look too short and together with the fancy hair - too old. But gosh, she's pretty! I guess it's just a matter of time before she replaces Emma Watson as one of the Lancome faces.

Alexandra Breckendidge
Alexandra Breckenridge is extremely beautiful, very strong face (loved her in AHS), but deep blue would have been much better on her, the dress is fine but the hair color in combination with black make her look a bit cheesy. Blue! Or dark purple/ox blood.

Kelly Osbourne
I don't think that matching funky hair color with the color of the dress is such a good idea. I'd also suggest change a haircut, she looks too much like her mother now that she's slim (great job, Kelly). Still pretty.

Phoebe Price
Well, there's no excuse for this one, is there?

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