Sep 26, 2012


Grace's boyfriend gets an invitation for a family dinner with Grace, her mom and her brother. Grace gives her brother, Nate, a community college brochure.

An old patient is brought to the hospital, unconscious.

Constantine tries to take over the video poker machine distribution deal Moretti used to have, so he comes to a house in the middle of the cornfield, where he tries to negotiate with the potential "business partners", brothers Dante and Titus Amato. Dante is a wanted man, so he has to stay in this house all day long with his wife, who's very unhappy that she can't leave. Dante feels sick, so Constantine asks Grace to come and do a check up.

In a meanwhile a bride, crying blood, appears at the hospital. From House I've learned that all bloody liquids are caused by issues with kidneys and that will be the diagnosis (kidney tumor), but by the rules of the medical procedural, of course, they did not identify this instantly, at first they suggested just panic attacks, but then, after the patient freaks out when her stomach's pressed, Dr. Brett Robinson figures it out.

It was not an easy task to identify what was wrong with Dante, so covered by her stupidly loyal hospital friend Ro, Grace secretly brings him to the hospital and runs medical tests under the name of the old man we've seen in the beginning, who has conveniently died by that time (and Ro did not report it). As Grace's taking Dante from the parking lot, Nate, who came to the hospital to yell at his sister, because he did not like it at the college admission, sees that.

After other doctors start suspecting something, Dante gets back home, where he gets worse. Grace revives him with the help of poppers and diagnose him with cyanide poisoning. As Dante's wife flees, everyone realizes she was the poisoner. It did not end good for her.

Nate spies on Grace and she eventually tells him everything, as he confronts her in the cornfield.

Naturally, both Grace and Nate miss the dinner, so Brett and Grace's mother get to talk alone, and we learn that Brett is not close to his family (I bet, he has connections with mafia too).

Constantine tries to negotiate a deal of 15% on the slots, but Titus declines (he offers only 10%). Then Constantine and his guys trap the track that was carrying the slot machines (so his gang would burn it) and find out that only half of them is documented, each slot has a double which would work without taxation etc. He confronts Titus with what he knows and demands a 25% deal, which he gets.

The episode ends with Nate coming to Constantine to get a job in his gang.

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