Sep 24, 2012


My two favorite jokes of the ceremony were by the host, Jimmy Kimmel, about how Obama watching Homeland is as dangerous as Charlie Sheen watching Breaking Bad, and the one by Eric Stonestreet, upon his acceptance of the award for supporting actor in a comedy, about how now that he's playing a gay character people send him pictures of hairy chests and "they are amazing".

In regards to the winners I can't say there were any big surprises there, I think everybody got used to Modern Family dominating in comedy and unless, let's say, Partners turn out to be a great hit, I don't expect changes next year either.

Jon Stewart won again with The Daily Show in variety series, and even though I generally love his show more than The Cobert Report, I think Colbert deserved the award this year; his 'mockvestigation' of the superpacs was huge, whereas Stewart just continued being a Don Quixote of the modern time, the very theme he exploited (to our benefit) heavily over the past years.

Game Change was named the best miniseries and Juliana Moore as the best lead actress in the same category. It's an election year in the States, so again, that's not surprising at all. 

Sherlock's fans must be disappointed that the academy chose Kevin Costner as the best lead actor in miniseries and not Benedict Cumberbatch. I can't really comment on this, I did not see Hatfields & McCoys, so I don't know whether Costner or Tom Berenger, who was named the best supporting actor in miniseries, were actually the best.

For Jessica Lange there was no competition for best supporting actress in miniseries, can't wait to see her in the second season of American Horror Story.

I fail to understand why Homeland got so many awards, it's just another overrated action-ish  drama, like 24  (I hated 24). I can only explain it by the fact that it was pretty much the only new drama series nominated. And now we've learned that Obama likes it.

So that was it, now we just have to wait for the Golden Globe.

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