May 22, 2014


A fish, the symbol Christianity, is killed, freed from its intestines and deep-fried in an Asian restaurant for the Fargo syndicate leader to eat. The old man insists that whether Hess' murder was related to the "business" or not, the killer must die.

In Bemidji hospital Lester discovers that he's detained - the policeman guards the door to his ward. His brother Chaz pays the unfortunate insurance agent a visit and tells him the police suspects he is involved in the murder of Pearl, Vern and possibly Hess. Lester tries to play the victim, but his brother remembers the call from the trunk of the car and thinks the older Nygaard got himself into something dangerous. He says Lester must give the police someone to make this go away and at the end gives a speech about how he thinks Lester doesn't belong in this world and that he's done taking care of the burden his brother's always been to him.

When Chaz leaves, Lester takes his incapable of movement roommate and moves him to his (Lester's) bed. He covers his head with the bandage, hides his coat and the boots under the sheets and gets the poor guy's bed. The nurse takes Lester to the radiology and when she leaves him alone, he escapes.

Lester runs to his house and takes the murder weapon, which he hid in the wall behind the "What if you're right" poster, takes Pearl's naughty pictures and her used underwear and rushes to his brother's home. He hides all of "the evidence" in Chaz's arsenal, from which he also takes a revolver, which he later hides inside of his nephew's school bag. As he leaves, the r-kid notices him, but disregards him. Lester returns to the hospital just in time, and no one notices his absence.

Molly is in Duluth. Grimly tells her that Malvo was spotted by the Jewish neighbor outside of his house in the car that belongs to the chain of supermarkets. The policemen visit the store, but find no managers.

In the meanwhile, Malvo returns to Don's house and lets him out of the closet. The trainer calls Milos and reads from the paper:

"Once upon a time there was a little boy. He was born in a field and raised in the woods. And he had nothing. In the winter the boy would freeze and in the summer he would boil. He knew the name of every stinging insect. At night he would look at the lights in the houses and he would want: Why was he outside and they’d be in? Why was he so hungry and they fed? It should be me, he said. And out of the darkness, the wolves came whispering."

After the call, Lorne knocks Don out and ties him with the duct tape to a piece of sports equipment with a rifle in his hands. Then he shoots out of the window and leaves. The police, thinking there's a dangerous shooter inside, makes a sieve from Don's house and eventually kill him.

Lorne drives in the terrible snow storm, listening to the police talking about taking Don down on the police scanner, when his car gets hit. Turns out it's the Fargo guys, who begin taking shots at him right away. He manages to escape and catch Mr. Numbers, whom he makes confess about Fargo, before slitting his throat. Gus and Molly, who happen to be nearby, hear the shots and find Numbers' body, then Molly runs off to chase the killer, and Gus, not able to see in the blizzard accidentally shoots her, confusing her with the criminal. 

Milos has an epiphany: God wants him to return the money! He asks Wally to bring his son back from the cabin, then goes to the fields and buries the case. As he drives home, he sees Wally and Dmitri killed in the car accident: a great number of fish fell from the sky and Wally could not cope with driving. God decided to take Stavros' first born after all.

I like how they they mix the obvious turns of events, like Lester setting up his brother and Gus shooting Molly, with the completely out of the blue ones: the fish and the end of Don.  

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