May 15, 2014


A flashback reveals how Lester got a shotgun: he did not intend to, but the store owner convinced him to pay $55 for it and the pack of socks he wanted to buy in the first place. His wife wasn't too thrilled about this purchase, but she doubtfully was ever thrilled about anything, really. Then the story goes forward to the night of the murder, and we see Lorne taking the gun and shooting Vern Thurman. A pellet goes right through the chief's body and ends up in Lester's hand, and a House-like computerized video shows how the inflammation is developed in fast motion. 
I love the box titled "Pinhead" in the front.
 This brings us to the time when the main story takes place and we see Mr. Nygaard being mildly tortured for the name of Sam's killer. Threatened to die from swallowing his own tongue (hello, Hannibal!), the insurance salesman gives out Lorne's name, his supposed whereabouts and even mentions that the police has his photo. The Fargo guys get out as the bail is paid shortly after and Lester is finally left alone. They acquire the file from one of the corrupted policemen and get going to Duluth.

Gus tries to find proof that Lorne is not who he says he is by browsing the Internet and sees the photo of the killer in the article about the minister. Searching for "Lorne Malvo" brings no results. He can't sleep and sits in the kitchen with a glass of milk. A neighbor  from the building across the street, the supposed husband of the lady that showed her underwear to Mr. Grimly in the second episode, notices him and invites himself to the policeman's apartment. Gus asks the guy if he should try to put the criminal behind the bars endangering himself and his daughter or let it go. The neighbor responds with a story about a man who gave up everything, including his life, to stop people from suffering and concludes that only a fool thinks he can save the world. "But you've gotta try, don't you?" responds Gus.

In the meanwhile, the man that the naive policeman tries to protect the world from is busy. He buys a police scanner and a walkie talkie (angrily refusing from the pink one) and gets to Don's house. He calls his employer, Stavros, and hears him mumbling about broken promises and first-born sons and eventually saying he's going to pay the blackmailer. The killer records this conversation and we see a number of such records, including one under Lester's name.

Don is too excited about it, so Lorne locks him up in the closet by putting long screws through the door. Stavros takes the cash from the supermarket safe and puts it to the case and doesn't listen to his son who's trying to tell him about the pet stores. Malvo drives the businessman back home and tells him the unsettling story about sex between a woman and a dog and how a dog had to be killed to stop it. So he basically suggests Milos to murder the blackmailer, which is why he doesn't do it himself. 

As Malvo drives to the house of the Supermarket king, he notices Gus and blinds him with the headlights. Stavros says he dos not require Malvo's services anymore and wants him to leave the next day. 

Malvo follows the policeman home and while sitting in the car outside of the building, uses the walkie talkie to catch what Grimly's daughter, whom he heard using the device on the night when he first met the deputy, is talking about. The neighbor that told Gus the story earlier notices him and tells him to leave. Malvo threatens him in his usual manner, but eventually drives away.

Molly presents to Bill, who's worried about the coming snowstorm, all the evidence she's got, including Sam's bragging about breaking somebody's nose on the day of his murder, and he finally starts thinking that maybe Lester is not so innocent after all. Molly didn'n get it quite right yet, she thinks Malvo was hired to kill Hess, but things went bad, so he killed Pearl and injured Lester. She wants to question the salesman and bill tells her he's in custody. By the time they get to his cell, the guy has a fever and is delirious, so they have to get him to the hospital. On the way there Molly tries to ask him about Malvo, but he only mumbles "I've never paid him".

In the hospital the doctor informs her about the pellet and says Lester nearly lost his hand. He also mentions that Vern's widow's just gave birth to a girl, Bernadette, and Molly pays her a visit. Either the tragedy's made her smarter or going through with the labor, but Mrs. Thurman seems a lot smarter now than when we first met her.

Molly goes to Lester's house and checks the back of the washing machine, where the owner used to hide the weapon of murder, but, alas, it's no longer there.

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