May 30, 2014


Unfortunately, Orphan Black becomes more and more similar to all the other conspiracy series, with 180 degrees twists that turn the story upside down every episode. Really hope they won't screw it up.

Sarah and Helena are on the road trip. They get to the church, the place where Maggie Chen last spotted Mr. Duncan. Apparently, "Cold River" is not the river, but the name of an institute, and Sarah gets the access to its archives, while Helena is left in the car, instructed not to do anything. She, of course, disobeys and goes to the bar across the street for some (quite a few, actually) drinks. An annoying truck guy tries to hit on her, so she strains his finger, threatening to break it next time. Another guy protects her from further conversation with the rude fellow, and him she actually likes. After some arm wrestling and dirty dancing they end up kissing, but this romance ends with a nasty fight between Helena and her first harasser, so she ends up detained. Sarah sees her being driven away, but does nothing apart from calling Art asking to check out on her sister. Gracie comes to pick up the blonde and convinces her to return to Proletheans to have those babies, she so desperately wants.

With the help of Art, Felix and the documents from the archive, Sarah establishes Duncan's new name and consequently, his place of residence. The door is opened by Mrs. S., who lets the crazy, parrot-loving professor speak to his creation. It becomes apparent that Dr. Leekie is not as harmless as we were led to believe. Not only he took Rachel away from the Duncans back in the day and (allegedly) killed her mother Susan. He's a Prolethean, apparently, who got infiltrated into the Dyad's headquarters. While Sarah is talking to the old dude, Mrs. S. finds Paul outside of the place and goes to talk to him. She reveals that she knows about his military past that Dyad hold against him and offers her friendship.

Alison is in the rehab which she finds annoying. The moment she thinks it could not possibly get any worse, it does: Sarah's crazy ex, Vic, walks into the room. He, of course, notices her and starts following her around, showing there's no hard feelings. He claims to have found his way out of drugs and chosen a path to Buddha. Slowly, he gains her trust, but then turns out Angie forces him to monitor Ally.

Cosima is being treated with stem cells extracted from some baby's teeth. The lab hires Cosima's Scott, who's previously helped her with the DNA stuff, and he tells her he figured out the material she provided him with originated from clones. He doesn't know she's the clone, obviously. Later he looks at the stem cells and discovers that it's not clone material, and that it is taken from the female relative of the clones, presumably a niece or a daughter. He tells this to Delphine who forbids him to speak about his discovery with Cosima.

So who is this female relative? Is it Kira? Then it would mean the Dyad has had access to her all along. Or can it be that clones who were under Dyad's radar had their eggs removed and experimented on? Can this be not a clone child, but their mother?

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