May 12, 2014


Remember the track that hit Sarah and Daniel's car at the end of the last episode? Well, turns out Cal was driving it. Now Sara regains consciousness, though judging by how she holds the gun that Daniel used to kill the countryside cop, she's clearly not thinking straight. As Cal points this out, another great idea visits her: she hides the crashed car with Daniel's supposedly dead body under a bunch of pine branches, after having taken DYAD's employee's phone.

Alison is in the rehab and Donnie threatens to take the kids away, if she leaves the place before finishing the program. The lady from the personnel advises her against having relations with other patients, otherwise she'd be kicked out. 

Helena wakes up with headache and finds herself surrounded by strange hillbilly people, who claim to love her for who she is, unlike Tomas. She later learns this isn't entirely true - the retarded girl, Gracie, attempts to kill Helena with the pillow, when she gets a moment alone with the clone. Luckily, Helena's resourceful, so Gracie gets knocked out instead. Helena leaves the room and finds a weird lab. Her memory comes back to her and she remembers weird alien-like experiments taken on her in this room.

She runs away from the Proletheans, and Art, who happens to be taking pictures in the neighborhood the very moment, helps her escape by slowing down the guys chasing her.

Sarah leaves Kira with her dad, whom she tells she's being chased by DYAD corporation (but no word about clones) and goes to her foster mother's house to look for clues. She finds a bunch of news clippings, one about Carlton, the guy who smuggled little Sarah to the UK (and the one Siobhan is having a passionate sex in a public place about the same time), getting a 15 years sentence, and another -  about a lab explosion that killed 6 scientists including Susan and Ethan Dunkan - the supposed parents of the bitchy clone Rachel.

Turns out, the Dunkans were the people on the photo that Sarah's birth mother gave her. Cosima suggests that project LEDA refers to the myth about kids that were half human and half gods and that it was a military project.

Sarah pays a visit to Rachel's exquisite apartment and watches a video with little Rachel being hugged and loved by her "parents", which seems to prove Cosima, who profiles the proclone as having been raised with no emotional attachment, wrong. Unfortunately for Sarah, Daniel, who, of course, is not dead (but seems to be Rachel's monitor, which she's unaware of ), gets to the apartment and catches Sarah. He ties her up in the shower and starts cutting her in order to find out about LEDA, but Helena, who followed Sarah from Mrs. S' house, takes him out before he could do any serious damage. Sarah is, however, more petrified of her sister, whom she personally shot, than the DYAD torturer. Luckily, Helena doesn't seem to have any intention of killing her. The blonde complains that something was taken from inside of her. And they have a disturbing sort of hug, while whining together.

The Proletheans are in the lab, watching how the egg that they took from Helena and fertilized divides.

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