May 20, 2014


No Alison this time, alas. 

Turns our Rachel did know that Daniel was watching her and seems to be upset by his death. She appoints Paul as her new monitor and starts causing problems to the rebellious British clone. Firstly, she demands that Leekie stops all tests that could help heal Cosima to his disappointment, then she orders her new boy toy to run an errand.

Felix, whom Sarah introduces to Helena as another "sestra", delivers the wild blonde to Art. She mentions some mysterious "swan-man" and the locker that belonged to that Asian woman, Maggie Chen, who was shot by Beth. Surely, she escapes shortly after, leaving the detective handcuffed to a pillar in his own apartment.

"Brother sestra" is in the middle of a date, which is about to get very serious, when it gets interrupted by Paul and FBI. Paul makes Felix leave his prints on Daniel's gun and gives Sarah one day to give in and bring Helena with her, otherwise her bro will go to prison. 

Sarah gets to Art's place, and together they go to Maggie's locker, where they find a photo of the "swan man Duncan", who apparently wasn't killed in the lab explosion. She meets with Leekie and offers to bring the scientist to DYAD if they let Fee run free. This is when she finally learns that Cosima is sick, whom, by the way, Leekie intends to treat, despite Rachel's demands.

Art and Sarah find Helena with a sniper rifle in the building across Rachel's appartment, watching the bitchy clone having a dominatrix-like sex with Paul. Sarah convinces her sis' not to take Ms. Duncan out by giving a touching speech about family, sisterhood and missing parts.

And Gracie, after spending some time in the cell with her mouth sewn up, confesses she tried to banish Helena, and now faces the choice: either she helps her fellow villagers find the clone, or carries the clone-baby. 

Oh, and the DYAD lost the original genome, supposedly in the fire, but maybe Mr. Duncan has it?

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