May 5, 2014


The third episode was rather uneventful, so the recap will be short.

Delphine shows Cosima a video diary of yet another clone, Jennifer, who was the first one to get sick from the unknown clone disease. She died three days before that, so they perform an autopsy on her body and realize that the polyps have spread from her uterus. They suspect that this is what caused her (and other clones') infertility.

Sarah, Felix and Kira are on the run. They steal some food from a small shop and break into one of the cabins in the woods. When the owner of the place, Cal (GoT and Nashville's Michiel Huisman), gets back during the night, it becomes apparent that Sarah chose the cabin intentionally. Cal was one of the guys she robbed years ago, and he happens to be Kira's father (or so she says). Felix realizes his sis plans to leave the girl with her dad, gets upset and returns to the city in tears. 

Alison is under a lot of pressure. Angie, who pretends to be a new suburbia neighbor, doesn't make it any easier for her to relax - the housewife thinks she's her new monitor. She confronts the cop and says she knows everything, so Angie tells her the truth. Alison doesn't seem to believe her and demands that she leaves her alone. All of this seems to have taken its toll on her, so she swallows far too many pills and alcohol, which leads to her falling off the stage and collapsing during the grand premiere of the musical.

Daniel, the guy who does DYAD's dirty work, finds out where Sarah and Kira stay and tries to abduct the little girl. Eventually, he has to be content with having Sarah instead, and her daughter remains with Cal. As Sarah and Daniel drive along the road, a track hits their car from the side.

Oh, and Helena is now seemingly married to Henrik Johanssen, while Neolutionists find out about that old photo with Mrs. S that Sarah's birthmother provided.

I felt like this episode was a little poorly scripted; I do realize that they had to to take Kira out of action again, 'cause she'd only be in the way, and I do understand that they needed Felix back in suburbia, but the whole Kira's father story, including Fee's hysterical demarche, is not very believable. 

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