May 8, 2014


Finally, we learn how Stavros got the money to start his supermarket business. Turns out, he fled with his family to Minnesota from the debt collectors. They ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, and in desperation he asked God to help him. He then saw an orange scraper on top of a snowdrift, started digging and found a case with loads of cash. This was the moment when he became the believer.

Now he calls for a plumber to find out about the blood shower, so Don comes in, disguised as one, and tells him there is no sign of anything in the pipes that would have possibly caused this. He also brings up the Ten Plagues and suggests that Stavros' done something to upset God. The supermarket king loses temper and attacks the guy, but Wally interferes.

Don's next task is to buy loads of locusts, which he does, and Malvo releases them in Stavros' supermarket. As Milos comes out to oversee the insect invasion, he receives a call with the demand of $1 mln. 

Gus Grimly comes to Mr. Milos to follow up on the dog murder case and sees Lorne, who notices him in time and calls his boss requesting "a package". Grimly does the right thing and arrests the killer. "You're making a mistake - that's what you're gonna say a couple of hours from now," says Malvo as they drive to the police station. Gus calls Molly and says he's arrested the guy. She reports this to Bill, who goes to Duluth without her. 

Molly receives Lester's phone records and sees that he made a call to the motel on the night of the murder. She speaks to the staff and they recognize Lorne as one of their visitors from the photo that she shows them. The motel owner gives Molly the name he wrote in her book and her assistant mentions he found tokens from over the Lucky Penny, when he was cleaning the room where the killer stayed. Molly passes the name to Gus.

As Bemidji chief of police arrives, Lorne begins lying his way out - he pretends to be the minister and his alibi checks out. As he is being released, Gus yells "you're making a mistake" to his colleagues, and Malvo turns and smiles at him, as if saying "told ya". Grimly stops him on his way out of the station and asks: "How can you do that... just lie like that?" At first the killer just says some minister billshit and turns his back on the deputy. But when Gus yells "Lorne Malvo" at him, he smiles, like he wants to mess with the policeman, and turns with the strange look on his face. "Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color? Why?" he asks. "When you figure out the answer to my question, then you'll have the answer to yours," he concludes and leaves.

Lester gets abducted by Fargo guys. They bring him to the lake in the trunk of a car and as Mr. Wrench is drilling the ice, Mr. Numbers tries to make Lester admit he killed Hess. However, Lester's already on his way on becoming the predator, so he uses electroshocker on the guy and runs away. He sees a policeman and asks for a ride, and when the policeman refuses, he punches him and gets arrested and is driven away.

Gus comes to Bemidji to speak with Molly. He tells her about Malvo's riddle and she gives an answer to it - we see more shades of green, because back in the day we needed to notice predators hiding in the green bushes.

Wrench and Numbers pick up a fight with each other in a bar, get detained and brought to the same cell where Lester is kept. Awkward!

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