Oct 8, 2012


I can't believe how awfully boring this show is. I'm ready to say The Mob Doctor is actually better than this. The characters are extremely flat and unlikeable and the story is so weak that I wouldn't regret if I stopped watching it now.
The birds
What happened: Jane gets notified that one of the residents moved out to Vegas (John Barlow, the one that was devoured by the wallpaper last episode). She comes to check the apartment and hears the noise behind one of the walls. As she takes a part of the wall down, a flock of birds (animated so poorly that I thought those were the bats) bursts into the room, breaks the window and flees. Even though she's advised by Nona the thief against doing  so, Jane calls for an exterminator; in the process he's ordered by Jane to break the concrete sealing, covering the secret door Jane "sees in her dreams". The exterminator doesn't make it to the end of the episode, of course. And Jane sees a murdered man in her "dream", who she later learned was really murdered in 1956. We also meet a woman in her forties, Danielle, desperately looking for a man. Gavin hooks her up with somebody, but as this somebody turns out to be a cheater, Danielle kills him. Gavin appears and we get to know it was not the first man she killed, in fact it all started with the guy Jane "dreamed of" and the woman is in fact like eighty years old. Gavin hooked her up with the cheater hoping she'd kill him as well (he tried to trick Gavin too, but in business).

Henry passes some sort of reliability check carried out by Gavin, Brian has sex (I guess) with the girl across the street, and the episode ends with Jane entering the unsealed door, which shuts behind her. 

First of all, I don't get why Gavin makes his residents kill people that are inconvenient to him. He seem to be able to eliminate anyone on his own. Plus, what kind of reliability check was that? Henry did not disclose insider information, big deal! He could have got to jail if he did (I think) or at least have serious repercussions, so I don't see what's so reliable about him. He did tell his not-wife everything also, I don't think he was supposed to. I can't understand what Dorans see in Henry anyway. The guy's dating poor Jane for five years and doesn't propose? Doesn't sound like a very good guy. 

Secondly, I can't understand how they managed to get such a bad show. Murphy and Falchuk already did all the job for them. The American Horror Story is hundred times better, I know many people disagree, but it had so many layers, so many story lines which all came to one and the characters were amazing, absolutely incredible. 666 Park Avenue is cheesy, flat and well, boring.

I am very, very disappointed.

Score: 3/10

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