Oct 7, 2012


Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but The Mob Doctor got a little better. Or my expectations were so low that the show creators couldn't possibly disappoint me. Either way, I was very close to feeling entertained  this time.

Finally, they managed to connect the patients in the clinic to the rest of the story. Saying that, I can't not point a finger and say that the show creators must really hate children (or maybe they are afraid of them: remember how the last time made a 6 year old Grace wish father's death for birthday). There's no other explanation of why only three episodes in, already two kids died in hospital, whereas there's only one mobster who died so far (I can't say for sure, Constantine's servant could have survived that car explosion easily). Even Moretti is alive!

So, what happened? A family with two kids is brought to the hospital after a car accident. A little girl dies on Grace's hands, a boy fond of football nearly gets his leg amputated, the parents are more or less OK. At the same time Grace is called to do her mob duties, which this time meant she had to fix a man that caused the above mentioned car accident. Dr. Devlin shows her high moral standards as she purposely leaves the mob patient untreated to die from abdominal bleeding, though later fixes him anyway. The mob patient is a policeman, who later arrests Constantine's rival (the one that costed Constantine 15 years in prison) an his associates. Eventually Grace reports the patient to the police. As she comes to Constantine's house to declare that, Constantine's servant starts the car that naturally explodes. Franco comes to visit our old friend, Paul Moretti, who's alive and very angry. I'll be sincere, I am very naive, I really believed he was dead, so I did not expect this at all.

The relations between people are still very weirdly shown, seems that the writers only understand anger and contempt, whereas love and care is something from the other dimension. I mean, this scene when Grace's mom tries to talk her brother into quitting job by saying stuff about his father. What did she expect out of this conversation? Then we got to see another interrupted sex scene (now I think I know why Grace is so intense).

Grace still comes out as a hypocrite. She's mad at Olivia for wanting to cut the dead girl open for practice. Yes, that's immoral. Not running tests on a mobster under a dead man's name or intentionally leaving a man to die from belly bleeding, but this. She also keeps dragging Ro deeper to her schemes and the only explanation she's willing to give her is "it's messed up". No shit! So far Grace's very hard to like or respect.

Anyway, somehow it was not as bad as before, so let's see what comes next. I've heard stories that many people with deadly disease start feeling better right before their death, it might be something like that with this show.

Score: 6/10

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