Oct 3, 2012


Sooooooooo... Dexter's back!

I love this show. Sure, even six seasons in, Michael C Hall failed to convince me that his character is a ruthless serial killer and not a nice guy. He's definitely nicer than most people I know and his hobby is much less annoying than the one my upstairs neighbors have, which is knocking on the radiator on Saturday mornings.

And then of course seasons 1 through 4 were in general very similar. But as I said in my previous post, I love the idea of revenge and as I see Dexter putting his knife into another worthless murderer's chest, even though it's for all the wrong reasons, I can't keep from smiling.

The first episode of  season 7 starts with Dex rushing to the airport to buy a ticket to Bucharest (which must have cost him quite a lot), he stops at the gas station, where he learns his credit cards are declined so he pays with cash.Then the story goes back to the point when Debra sees her brother killing Travis, who's wrapped in plastic (it's fantastic!). Her first reaction was to point a gun at Dexter, the second was to call the cops. Dexter gives a lousy explanation, that Travis tried to attack him and then he (Dex) "snapped", then uses his manipulative skills convinces his sis that they should make it all look like a suicide and burn the place down. Debra goes to get gasoline from a station nearby and Dexter prepares the body. He loses his blood trophy, which he only notices when home. Before that he goes into an argument over unauthorized computer usage with his babysitter's boyfriend Louis, the creepy guy who sent Dex evidence from the Ice Truck Killer case (the plastic hand). Louis closes Dexter's cards later as a payback for the fight, i guess.

The next morning both Deb and Dex return to the crime scene to work. All their colleagues agree with the picture Dexter has drawn. When everyone's gone, Maria finds the blood slide Dex lost.

Later, Mike Cutler calls Debra and says he wants to check how Travis got to the church, there was no vehicle nearby. Debra tells him to go ahead, but that was not meant to be. Mike stops to help a man with a punctured tire, but gets shot, because the man he wanted to help had a dead girl in the trunk. The murderer get's into Cutler's car leaving both dead bodies behind.

In a meanwhile Deb starts asking uncomfortable questions. As she gets over the shock, she starts to realize that Dexter's story of why he killed that religious lunatic made very little sense. By the time Dexter practically runs out of suitable explanations, the message of Cutler's death comes, so they have to get to the new crime scene.

And here's where they disappointed me. It's been a while since the Iron Curtain was demolished and yet they can't think of plausible Ukrainian names? Kaja Soroka (the dead girl in the trunk, a stripper, of course) is really the best you can come up with? I will disillusion you, it's not widely used (if ever) in Ukraine (Kaja is actually Estonian name), the common name would be Oksana Glushko or Galina Fedorenko or... you know what, open Facebook!

Anyway, Dex manages to get fingerprints of Mike's and Kaja's murderer, but he does not plan to bring that man to justice, he wants to go back to his safe place. He wants continue with his routines and kill the guy as if the story with Deb never happened.

Debra memorizes the Ice Truck Killer case, where she was wrapped in plastic!!! She double checks her memories in the archive and confronts her brother again, but without a result.

Maria asks Masuka about the blood slide, he says it was Bay Harbor Butcher who used to take those. Maria steals this evidence from the lab.

Dexter finds the murderer, who's on his way to Kiev. That's why he was rushing to airport in the beginning of the episode! Apparently, airport security in the States is not as good as it is believed, no one even asked to show prescription for diabetes shots when airport security found a bunch of syringes in his bag. No security cameras either, as Dexter managers to kill his victim in the lost luggage room and get the body out of the airport to bury at sea.

Debra calls to Dexter's apartment only to find out that Dexter's "working late" and that it happens a lot.
The episode ends with Dexter coming back to apartment razed by his sister, who found his blood trophies and the plastic hand. She asks him if he's a serial killer and he says he is.

The questions:

What will Debra do? It's unlikely that's she's gonna report him otherwise we wouldn't have a season ahead.
Louis, the creep. What's his deal? Dexter doesn't get the vibes from him, so he can't be serial killer as well... can he?
What's the deal with the striptease play where Kaja worked? And Isaac from Ukraine?
Why Maria stole the evidence?

Score: 8/10

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