Oct 14, 2012


Episode Sunshine and Frosty Swirl was great. It was funny, the story developed at a good pace and it really left me wondering what happens next.

The most interesting character and I assume the main antagonist of the season is Louis and not the guy from Ukraine. From what I understand, Louis is a bit of a psychopath, obsessed with revenge to the point where he's not afraid of any consequences, including physical damage. In all the previous seasons of Dexter (except for the fifth, maybe) the main villains also symbolized parts of Dexter's nature, suppressed by his father's code. As he kills each of them, he declares to himself that he's not accepting those sides of himself (or accepting and letting them go?). Because this time Debra is treating him like a drug addict, he has to face that he's obsessed and Lois is the one to impersonate the obsession. That's what I think, I might of course be wrong.

So what happened:
- Debra wants to keep Dexter from killing more people, so he moves in with her (what about his son?). The ground rules are #1 to always be honest and #2 to tell Deb if Dexter starts "seeing blood" i.e. wants to chop someone.

- Dexter finds out that Louis is messing with him. He breaks into Louis's apartment, and as Lois gets home, Dex confronts him and tells him to disappear. Louis says he will, but then Dexter finds him in his apartment, babysitting Harrison with Jaime.

- Dexter puts some drugs into Debra's steak, so he could sneak out and get Louis. He doesn't plan to kill him, but then he feels the urge. Rule #2, Dexter calls Debra. After the talk, he leaves Louis unconscious on a bench.

-Maria orders a test of the blood slide from a private lab. The lab confirms that the blood on a slide belongs to Travis. My only suggestion for her motivation is that she thinks Doakes is still alive.

- Ukrainian boss Isaac comes to Miami to find out why Baskov (the one that Dexter killed at the airport) did not make it to Kiev. He kills a guy who told the police that Kaja left the strip club with Baskov on the night of the murder.

-One random murderer by committing a suicide helped Dexter understand he won't be able to take the jail time.

As I said, I enjoyed the episode a lot, the dialogues of Dexter and Debra as they discussed what Dexter had been doing all this time are just great, very natural. Jennifer Carpenter really delivered, her acting was flawless.

Score: 10/10

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