Oct 9, 2012


The second episode of Revenge was a little less impressive than the start of the season, but it still left me wondering what happens next.

What happened: 
-Daniel learns his father was artificially increasing the company value with Charlotte's money and the Britt we've seen with Takeda is on the board of the meeting with Grason Global investors (to represent Takeda)
-Emily tells Daniel what she knows about Dr. Thomas, so Charlotte is released, but is penniless, which means she and her mother can't flee to another country as initially planned. Not that Charlotte wanted too, since Emily informed her that her"sister" is expecting
-Nolan meets one of his employees, Padma 
-Emily makes Amanda believe that she fixed the DNA test results, Jack is really the father (that's what he knows too)
-A weird guy asks Declan to hold a stolen bracelet for him in exchange for some money. I'm sure it's a trap.
-Victoria with the help of her husband stages her abduction to come back home, resurrected. White-haired-man, before the arrival of the police notices Emily's clam-cam. He calls her and comes to get the video, as he tries to slit Emily's throat, the Britt shoots him.   

Victoria's part was the highlight of the show. The only thing I don't get is why her husband came to help her (her threat "or I will hunt you for the rest of your life" is not convincing, really. That was a great risk, also, he could have killed her in that cabin, easily. Anyway, what happened that happened, Victoria's back to life (the joke's on Ashley).

I am more and more convinced that the dead body on the sunken boat is the Britt's (his name is Aiden, btw, but I don't remember him introduced). He appears in different roles at Hamptons.

I did not like Padma at all, very annoying character. As far as I understand, she'll be Nolan's crush, but I fail to understand what will she add to the story.

I know the last time I complained that they make Emily look like a superhuman, this time she nearly gets killed because she meets TWHM unprepared. Did she really expect that he won't try to attack her? How silly.

Score: 8/10 

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