Oct 15, 2012


Comedies. I watch loads of them. I basically hooked up on watching TV series through the comedies, the first sitcom I adored, and still watch reruns whenever they're on, was Friends, of course. You can't possibly imagine how much this series meant to a sociopathic introvert like me. So, since the last seasons of this aired in between Nip/Tuck and 6 Feet Under on our Estonian Kanal2, I started following dramas as well. And now I'm addicted and in big trouble.

Anyway, I can't exactly say the season started very strong comedy wise, it was more giggles than laughter. Modern Family, IMHO, was the best so far, out of the newbies I'll probably rank The New Normal the highest. Go On is good in it's own way, but this show is a freaking roller coaster, it's not meant for unstable people (maybe only if they don't miss out on their dose of Prozac).

I believe by this time all of the shows had references to the upcoming US elections, and the best ones had The New Normal so far, even though it came out like pro-Republican (I like to think of myself as a liberal). The Rafalca moment on 30 Rock would have been better if they didn't go into the detail of how she was answering Jack's questions. They still couldn't possibly beat Colbert, though.

So, let's roll:

The Big Bang Theory 5/10
I watch this one for the sake of old times. It used to be a good show, now I don't know what it is anymore.The first episode of this season was bad, the second surprisingly turned to be pretty good, the third - even worse than the first one. I do not think it was a good idea to send Wolowitz to the ISS or at least they could have thought of something better for that story line than other astronauts bullying him. Penny and Leonard are not exactly "Ross & Rachael", to be honest I care more for Amy and Sheldon's future together. Taking about Sheldon, I can't believe how much this character degraded. I already wrote before and I'll repeat it: Sheldon Cooper is no longer a crazy genius, he's a plain creep talking about the consistency of his poo.

2 Broke Girls 8/10
It's a very entertaining, "light" sitcom that I like a lot. Unfortunately, the characters experience a bit of stagnation, and so does the story overall, but it delivers its special type of humor I expect from them. Every time.

Go On 8/10
This show is the kind you get emotionally attached (kind of like to the group therapy sessions). I didn't like that they brought the ghost/hallucination of Jenny in, it's not exactly a real life experience; yet I cried and laughed. Very hard to judge this one.

The New Normal 9/10
I didn't plan to watch it, I thought it'd be too weird and I didn't see the point to follow another Cam & Mitchell story. However, it turned out to be one of the best this season. Of course, Bryan (Andrew Rannells) is a little behind Cam (Eric Stonestreet) from Modern Family, but he's still adorable (Cam is fabulous, that's the difference). The show is very up to date, which might make it unwatchable for the future generations, but I don't think the creators intended it to be beyond time.

In fact, I think the creators of The Newsroom could try to learn how to address the issues of the modern day, while building an OK background story. Ryan Murphy is amazing, I have no idea how he'll be able to pay attention to all of his projects (there's also Glee and American Horror Story), but I wish him luck.Barkin is great, but then most of the older actors appearing on TV this season are.

The Mindy Project 6/10
This one doesn't have a comprehensive background story, but the jokes are somewhat funny, plus I like the acting of Messina and Barinholtz (Barinholtz's character, Morgan, I also like the best here). I still think that Kaling can't really act, but she writes well, so in the end it comes out watchable.  

New Girl 7/10
New Girl is something I have to watch in a batch of 2-3 episodes in a row, otherwise I spend too much time adjusting to the mood of this show. 1.5 episode in it gets addictive. It's very different from all the other shows and this by itself is the curse as much as the blessing.

Modern Family 10/10
So they're doing it, they're showing the labor scene. Every comedy show comes to that at some point, but I never got what's so funny about it.

There's nothing to say really, except for that it's still great and there'll be more Emmy awards.
"When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all, like "What?!!" "

Up All Night 9/10
This show improved and it should be viewed as a documentaries of all newer families (neither newly weds, nor "married, with children"). I like the characters and I totally care for them. Heartwarming.

30 Rock 7/10
Well, they're trying (and I don't mean Liz and her boyfriend trying for a baby, though they are). I'm afraid they've lost the oomph and the creators of the show are tanking 30 Rock just like Lemon and Donaghy are tanking NBC. Yet they got Bryan Cranston to appear as Kenneth's step father.

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