Oct 24, 2012


So, Debra started seeing blood. In her dreams!


Deb learns why Trinity killed Rita and who took care of Trinity himself. She suggests that Dexter sends Harrison to his grandparents, so that Dexter's secret life wouldn't harm him.

Speltzer got arrested, it took four police officers to detain him. Batista and Debra play a combination of good cop/creepy psychoanalytical cop to get his confession, and they succeeded. Unfortunately, one of the officers fucked up with Miranda rights upon the arrest, so Speltzer walked.

Dexter makes an unsuccessful attempt to kill Speltzer. He gets knocked out and Speltzer brings him to a grand labyrinth. As Dex regains his conscience, he sees a note saying "RUN", a command he does not want to follow at first, but as he sees "a bull with an ax" approaching, he does. By the way, the scene where Speltzer touches the wall with his an ax:.

 instantly reminded me of Breaking Bad scene with the twin killers:

Of course, Dexter manages to escape by breaking the pattern. But the Minotaur wannabe saw his face, so Dexter sends his son to Rita's parents for two weeks.

Hannah McKay appears at Miami Metro to help find other bodies she and her ex boyfriend hid.

Isaak Sirko sees Dexter's photos and says he looks familiar. Police still comes to the strip club, so to stop the money loss, Sirko decides to provide them with the fake murderer. He and his crew make one Russian bartender write a suicide note, mentioning Kaja and blow his brains off. Batista finally reveals his detective skills by not really trusting that the guy is the murderer. Dex arrives at the crime scene as well and Isaak sees him out of his car.

Speltzer attended the funeral of the waitress he murdered, which made Debra snap. I could totally relate to her that moment, except for I wouldn't start a conversation with "haven't you done enough already?" and would just  proceed with "f***ing c**ksucker, motherf***ker" and so on.

Sirko gets to Baskov's apartment and cries over the photograph where both of them are together. Baskov probably is his son or something.

Dexter arrives at the cemetery where the bull maniac works. He leaves a note saying "STAY" on a pile of mud and knocks Speltzer out with a shovel. Then he has his usual talk with his victim and puts a piece of a broken shovel haft to Speltzer's chest and then burns the body together with all of his blood slide trophies in a crematorium oven.

Debra comes to the cemetery as well and as Dexter says that the smoke coming out of the chimney is Speltzer, she shockingly says she feels glad.

Score: 10/10


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