Oct 26, 2012


I read that people are really inspired by episode 2 ("Tricks and Treats") of American Horror Story, though I, unfortunately, ain't one of them. And don't get me wrong, I really tried to be amazed, but I guess, there was no chemistry between me and this week's story.

What I wrote below is not really a review, it's rather a bunch of thoughts on this episode without any particular structure. So, let's roll.

Like last year, they have two Halloween episodes, "Tricks and Treats" is the first one.

Leo is probably killed by Bloody Face and so is Lana's girlfriend, Wendy. I must wonder why Wendy tried to avoid the inevitable by mentioning she's a school teacher. Is that how shock worked for her?
On another note, I'm very close to accusing every other character of being Bloody Face, like that lesbian friend of Wendy's, the bigger one, who offered to stay with her, she acted suspiciously... or not.

Dr. Arden gives Sister Mary a candy apple; now it could be a reference to Snow White tale, but the more obvious analogy is with the forbidden fruit from a very well known biblical story. Sister Mary gets possessed in the end of the episode, so sweets do lead to sin.

I loved how the scenes with Dr. Oliver Thredson (Zachary Quinto) being nice to Kit are mixed with those where he cold-bloodedly dissects his subject while writing a psychiatric conclusion about his mental state. Also, Oliver's mother gave him up as a child, if we should trust the demon that took over the soul of poor Jedd (and he was very persuasive).

Evan Peters (I always want to name him "Peter Evans") has lost most of his oomph and this darker kind of charm since he parted ways with his last season's character - Tate. I don't think teenage girls would have fallen for him as much, if he had started as Kit in the first place; and may I say that flashing ass every episode doesn't really help him, nor does talking about it.

On the other hand, Kit has been a very reserved characters so far, we know very little about his personality. He seems to be just generally "good", which, in terms of AHS is a euphemism for "boring". So, what I'm trying to say is, I hope there will be more to Mr. Walker as the story develops.

Dr. Arden is a pervert, no shocker here. On the first photo in his "trophy box", the tortured prostitute's position resembled one that the younger nurse had in last season's "Home Invasion" episode before she was stabbed; Arden can't be R. Franklin, of course, because the dates don't add up (nurse murder happened in 1968, as we remember, and asylum story takes place 4 years before that).

last season
this season
So...was that "the thing" in sixties or what?

Moving on to Sister Jude. Not that long ago she was a slutty bar singer and it's hit and run what brought her to God (again, if we can believe the possessing demon). Not a big surprise, I must say, the only question is what the hell that poor girl was doing out so late in the middle of nowhere (an adult would work just as well and make much more sense).

Lana Winters is given an electroshock, a treatment, which despite being called barbarian twice in AHS is embraced nowadays by those practicing experimental therapy, as Boss and Homeland suggest (so, I guess, medicine did not progress that much after all, huh). Anyway, I get that Lana did not want Kit, whom she believed to be a serial killer, out. What I don't understand is why she suddenly trusts a random girl? Does she know Grace's story at all? I mean, officially, Lana is a subject for treatment because of her homosexuality, which isn't the wrong "diagnosis", she believes Kit is who police claims he is, why is it different with Grace? Because she's a girl or?

Chloe Sevigny I've read is praised for performing her bit, but frankly I thought it was too theatrical, really, her act reminded me of girls talking in Chicago between singing Cell Block Tango part, only with no music. Also, if creators wanted me to feel like it wasn't fair to lock Shelley up in Briarcliff just because she was "into pleasure", they shouldn't have made her act that crazy.

My favorite character in this episode was Jedd/the demon, especially I loved his line "you're boring the hell out of me". This was my highlight.

Score: 7/10 

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