Oct 24, 2012


Revenge episode "Intuition" was very intense as opposed to last week's "Confidence". I'm more and more convinced that Revenge is the best soap not only this season (I did watch episode two of Nashville as well and I can't force myself to write about it, that's how boring it was), but probably in a decade or so.

What happened:

Revenge creators used again their favorite way of narration by showing blood in Grayson's house and Victoria burning papers only to then tell us what the hell happened 24 hours before that. I think they are overusing this technique.

Emily confronts Aiden. She says he found her mother, referring to the non existent detective Kara mentions on the voicemail message. Aiden lies that the detective must have been someone from the Initiative, the group TWHM worked for. He also suggests that Emily tempers her expectations about her mother, Kara Clarke could clearly be a very dangerous person now.

Conrad flies to meet the Initiative (a very pointless trip I should say), as he leaves, he asks Ashley to report if Daniel is up to something. Daniel discovers that Ashley is spying on him, but before that he tells her that his father is doing tricky stuff with the company share price and that kidnapping of Victoria didn't really happen.

Amanda moves out from Jack's bar. He tries to stop her but without particular enthusiasm, so she comes to Emily's house to stay in the guest room. Emily wants her help with getting information from Victoria about Kara. The plan A where Amanda trades fake David Clarke journal for this info fails miserably. The plan B is to get a check signed by Victoria to then confront her by showing that the signature on the check matches the one on the visitor log from the mental hospital where Emily's mother was held.

Declan's burglary turns out to be a set up. The guy he robbed apparently wants Jack's bar; a wish that I can't really understand, 'cause the place is a s**thole.

Aiden goes back to the motel to ask Kara about the Initiative, long story short, she gets him unconscious with the help of an electroshocker and leaves him tied up. She's like Sarah Connor or something.

Nolan Ross gets to know that his father died. The two have not been in touch since Nolan was kicked out from his home for not getting back to school (because he already established his company). His nosy employee, Padma, brings him to gather some of the unclaimed stuff of his father. Their romantic story gets a development as they kiss and Nolan promises to take her out on a date.

Padma finds the check that David Clarke gave to Nolan for the start-up, which I believe isn't good for the upcoming audit of the company (like, terrorist funded or something). At least she makes a look like it's something bad.

Amanda brings some of her friends from the stripclub to the fancy baby shower Victoria throws.

She then acts according to the plan B and confronts Victoria. Victoria, after taking some pressure, says that Kara attempted to kill her daughter, and as Mrs. Grayson tries to get her check back, Amanda slips and falls over the banister. So that's whose blood that was.

Conrad gets back home and asks Ashley why she did not tell anything about Daniel. She says that there is nothing to report, Daniel only has his father's best interest at his heart and that she's done spying. Daniel is happy to overhear that.

Amanda is taken to the hospital, where a C-section is performed and she is put to a coma, her son is also under a special tretament. Jack is blaming himself (as well he should), Declan is comforting Charlotte. Emily wonders around the hospital and as she looks inside Amanda's ward through the glass door, she sees her mother who arrived as soon as she heard about the accident on the radio. Emily then has a flashback of her mother trying to drown her. So Victoria wasn't lying about this one, huh.

Emily leaves poor Amanda unprotected, one-by-one with this crazy mommy monster. Aiden arrives at Emily's house where she sits devastated and hysterical. But he gets to hug her and she cries on his shoulder.

So, a lot happened, no idea what Amanda's fate will be. If she survives she could be in a wheelchair for some time. Bad stuff will happen to Nolan's company for sure (Emily keeps thanking him, so she will have to return her debt by helping him out for a change, or?). Initiative group's story line has so far been extremely weak, the dialogue Conrad had with their representative was quite idiotic and as I said I can't figure out why they couldn't deliver that message over the phone, for instance. Jack's bar will hardly go, but at least we got another candidate to go down with "Amanda", the boat (I mean the robbed man here).

Score: 9,5/10 (0,5 deducted for Initiative)

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