Oct 19, 2012


The third episode of Dexter ('Buck the System') was both disturbing and amazing.

Disturbing - because they created a very sick serial killer this time. By now, I'm pretty used to some people urging to chop others up, but building a labyrinth to co-play Minotaur is truly fucked up. That little role-play is hard for me to understand, since I've never really liked Greek mythology that much. And then death metal music is something that really gets to my head. I turned pale whenever Dethklok played their songs in Metalocalypse (other than that, it was a good show), so you can imagine the effect the whole scene had on me.

Amazing - because they managed to keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time, which doesn't happen that often with other series this season, so I've learned to appreciate that. Plus the story did progress and I still have little idea of what happens next.

So, to the recap:

-Debra's monitoring every Dexter's move, so he feels caged, and as well he should. This pressure, multiplied by his unsatisfied killing urges, causes his imagination to produce visions of him slitting annoying people's throats and such (this I can totally relate to) and eventually he experiences a meltdown and attempts to suffocate "an uncooperative" criminal when left alone with him to take a sample of that guy's DNA.

- Dexter decides to convince his sister that there's basically nothing bad in what he does. He finds a case of a serial killer, Raymond Speltzer, who was let go due to the lack of evidence. He follows the guy and is shortly convinced that soon Speltzer will kill again. He lures Deb to the bar to show that maniac's flirting with a waitress (it was clear the very moment that the girl was doomed, Debra wouldn't have settled for anything less than a murder to be convinced that there's logic behind her brother's actions). Deb doesn't let him kill or go near Raymond, she wants everything done according to the law, which turns out difficult.

- In a meanwhile Dexter also uses best practices of Revenge to take down Louis: he lets Masuka know who bought the plastic hand from the ice truck killer case on that auction and sends a copy of the video where Louis is "hanging out" with a prostitute to Jaime (conveniently, Louis is wearing the shirt that Jaime gave him for birthday on that video, so there's no mistake of when it happened). Louis gets upset and decides to sink Dexter's boat.

- There was more to the story of the murderer (Wayne Randall) who run under the truck  in the end of previous episode. His mother appears at Miami homicide and hangs over a pack of possible belongings of undiscovered victims of his son. Dexter and Batista are sent to ask the guy's former sidekick, Hannah McKay, about this and take her DNA sample. On a way there they stop at that strip club and here Dexter meets Isaak Sirko. They seem to get along, as it always happens in this series between Dex and his antagonists, only this time it's Dexter who's hunted.

-Nadia, the Bambi stripper, gets an order from Isaak to get close to Quinn to find out what homicide team knows about Kaja's death. She tells Quinn about it, and they make a deal: he tells her what the police knows, she tells him what's happening in the strip club. I'm confident she's gonna get killed, especially considering Quinn's "luck" in having steady relationship with women.

- Dex and Batista meet the Hannah McKay, who is quite insolent, since she wants to put her past behind her. There's obvious sexual tension between her and Dexter, so it's not the last time we see her, for sure.

-The bracelet Baskov took off dead Kaja was in fact a GPS tracker and this device led Isaak and his gang to Dexter's boat, right at the time when Louis tried to sink it. Louis tells them the name an the place of work of the actual boat owner, but gets killed anyway. So I was wrong about his role this season, apparently, he's just a disposable character, nothing deep.

- The waitress that the maniac was flirting with at the bar comes to his house, which seems like a careless thing to do for the first date with a guy looking like that. Then the whole Minotaur thing begins. Dexter finds the proof that the guy is guilty; Debra goes to pay a visit to the maniac, leaving a message about that on Dexter's voicemail. When he receives this message, he rushes to the house to save Deb just in time by knocking the maniac down, who escapes as they went to look for the girl. She is dead. After all this, Debra says she gets what her brother is doing and maybe he's a "necessary evil". At the same time she's petrified as she realizes that Dexter is just like the Minotaur guy (a comparison Dexter doesn't agree with), so she suggests him to move out.

Score 10/10


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