Oct 19, 2012


I did not like 'Confidence', the third episode of Revenge, season 2, mainly because the story did not progress all that much.

We learn that Aiden and Emily used to be lovers (which is not a big surprise), and then he betrayed her twice during one day (in Takeda test and as he left without her to look for his sister, whom he didn't save). Aiden wants to find people TWHM was working for whereas Emily is looking for her mother, so they get into a fight over TWHM's belongings that might contain clues. Emily wins this fight by hitting the Britt with a wine bottle and throwing him to a trash can. The only clue Aiden has is the key from some Motel he heads to to explore. There he finds the recorder from Victoria's plane and Emily's mother, but obviously, he doesn't know who she is.

Declan, out of the blue, becomes a burglar. I kind of need a little more explanation of this, you can't just agree to keep the stolen stuff one day and break into houses to steal, which is a pretty serious crime, the next day, just because you're a little broke. Anyway, Declan "loses" his driving license (I can't believe he's that stupid, so maybe that was planted by his sidekick) and the man he robbed came to Jack. He says he won't press charges if all stolen stuff is returned.

Charlotte learns the truth about her father from his diary that Amanda gives to her, Daniel learns that his mother faked her kidnapping as he's sent her fake passport by Aiden. Victoria makes a bold move: she goes public about the affair she had with Clarke and welcomes Amanda to her family, whereas Emily is told to stay away, you know, for security reasons.

Conrad receives a call from the people behind TWHM.Aiden gives the plane recorder in exchange for what he thinks is the TWHM's SIM card, in fact Emily exchanges the card with the empty one.

After being attacked by Aiden (Aiden tried to protect Emily, I take it), Nolan moves out from Emily's. He's still not paying much attention to the audit of his company, which will probably have consequences.

Jack sees how Amanda is welcomed to the Grayson family on TV. He then says to her that he can commit to the child but not to her. I don't like this character. At first, he likes Emily, then he falls for Amanda, then he likes Emily even more and can't settle for Amanda. He's not a good guy, he's just wrong in the head, with possible mommy issues.

 In the end of the episode, Emily hears her mother's voice on TWHM's voicemail.

I can't think of any comment for this episode except for "meh".

Score 6/10

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