Oct 31, 2012


I am really behind my schedule and my only excuse is that I'm lazy. I wrote the post below some time ago, but I couldn't find any strength in me to edit it.

The story in Vegas's fourth episode "(Il)Legitimate" was once again rolling around the idea that the right way doesn't get you very far, especially, if you're a mobster.

Vincent Savino is declined on Savoy expansion plan by his Chicago bosses, but he has another idea: he wants to buy a part of next door's Tumbleweed Club with a bank loan, without Angelo knowing. Unfortunately, there is a little snag - another group called Milwaukee mob is also interested in Tumbleweed and they're already organizing strikes and  throwing firebombs there. Savino tries to peacefully persuade their boss to back up by promising more money after some time, but he's eventually attacked by two brave Milwaukee gunmen. Savino survives, but then the main problem appears: sneaky Johnny Rizzo, who somehow gets to know about Vincent's plan, demands fifty per cent of Savino's share for not telling Angelo. Vincent is then forced to send two of his gunmen to take care of  Milwaukee boss, he now can't afford to lose this deal.

I thought Dixon would fall for Mia, but it's actually Jack. Their romantic story is a little more compelling than that of Ralph and Katherine's, but it'll probably turn out more tragic as well.

The procedural part of story is not worth going into, really, I feel like the writers are failing to come up with a story particularly relevant to the rest of the series. The tale about a black girl with rich white father and drug addicted brother, who has strong position about the strike and is eventually killed by a fellow maid out of, well, jealousy, just didn't feel right, it was overcrowded with too many lines and was overall an unnecessary extra.

Sheriff Lamb's softer side was also revealed as he had nostalgic feelings towards the old tree, which reminds him of his deceased wife.

Overall, "IlLegitimate" seemed like the weakest episode of Vegas so far, but I'm still interested in seeing how the mob story ends, so I'm glad that CBS ordered the full season of this series.

Score 5/10

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